Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tripatriate Union's Feud

The best quest if u ask me
the reward make it worth doing even if it was not a prerequisite for Report from new world quest
we get base exp of 300,000 but the best things are these foods check them.

again the best place for referring this quest is irowiki

here also be careful in the part where u have to kill all the thief bugs in the meeting room when i was doing it even after killing all the thief bugs those npc didn't came back but when i went in the room like after few hours to my luck they were there and i was able to continue the quest.

This quest in the server i play only i did n let me tell you one more then 50% of the players don't even know about the quest well now you know it so take full benefit of those foods in woe and pvp :) and those npc will give u only 1 at a time n if u have more then 5 foods in inventory they wont give u more foods keep them in storage and cm back!