Sunday, May 2, 2010

Attitude Of The New World

Another Good quest is prerequisite for many other new world quest but the experience reward makes doing this quest worth while.
this quest gives experience in 2 parts
1st 1,500,000 base exp on completion
2nd 1,000,000 base exp when u give Rumis a Horn of Tendrilion.

This quest again is very well explained in irowiki

its a must do quest for new world as its a prerequisite for allowing u to travel in the new world maps without doing this quest the NPCs guarding the exit to Munak and Splendide wont allow you to exit the base expedition camp.

while doing this quest killing monsters will be little hard as these monsters are pretty strong

killing 30 Pinguicula will be easy but be careful if they are in mob they can easily kill you

while killing Cornus will be a nightmare as they use Full heal as their HP drop near 40-50%
but their casting is little slow so if u can finish them before they heal it will be best for You 
one more trouble you will have with those Cornus is it uses reflect level 10 so hitting it will be hitting you hard as well and to make it harder it does high damage and has lot of HP to take damage!!!!

i tried the quest on alchemist now genetic and Guillotine Cross it was easy for me on both for Genetic just Acid Demonstration (AD) it as its high VIT monster it will die in one AD.
and for Guillotine Cross just use a EDP n get a shadow property katar and hide and Grimtooth it it will die very fast.

and for killing those tendrilion again be careful it does high damage and that to very fast

The good part for one can be That the monsters required to kill for Rumis you just need the items that he want you don't actually need to kill those monsters
But for his brother Terris its not the same for Him u need to kill those monsters explicitly

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