Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cat Hand Group Quest

The Cat Hand Quest is one of the simplest quest u will find.
Just a talk with 4 npcs and best of all all the npcs are located very near to eash other!

Step 1.
Talk with the Cat Hand Agent (mid_camp 61, 125).He will ask you to talk with Fluffy Gyaruk.
Cat Hand Agent

Step 2.
Talk with Fluffy Gyaruk (mid_camp 71, 94).He will send u back to the Cat Hand Agent to sign a contract.

Step 3.
Return to Cat hand Agent and Sign the contract.

Step 4.
Now go back to Fluffy Gyaruk. This time he will tell u that u have earned 5 credit points with cat hand group.

Step 5.
Talk to Ferocious Gorurug just above to the Cat Hand agent. He will explain you about fishing.

Step 6.
Talk to the School of Fish (mid_camp 74, 135) to attempt fishing. Here you will have to catch 10 Piece of Fish.
School of Fish
Once u have 10 Piece of Fish talk to Gorurug again He will take those piece of fish and reward you with 5 credit points.
Subsequent sets of Piece of Fish will earn you 1 credit point and 15,000 base exp each.
You can fish in the school of fish until u get 20 piece of fish. It is recommended that u fish till all 20 piece of fish are caught as there are small chances that u may catch a merlin.

Merlin is a precious catch it can be used in black market(Henry Clifford (mid_camp 66, 122) )to get 2 credit points each!
Henry Clifford

Be careful when giving him merlin first give your days catch of piece of fish to Gorurug else he wont accept them.

Step 7.
when you have 10 credit points then talk to the Cat Hand Mining Agent (mid_camp 88, 100)
He is just below Fluffy Gyaruk.
He will explain you about mining and then you can go to any munak field and click on the Mysterious rocks there and your character will mine ores.
Mysterious Rocks
These are scattered on all the three munak field just keep searching for them.
You need to mine 3 unidentified ores here. each set of unidentified ores will get you 30,000 base exp and 1 credit point.
Be careful here the monster on these maps are very strong!

You can give only 10 piece of fish in 24 hours.
You can give only 3 unidentified ores(i.e. 1 set) in 24 hours.

Cat Hand group basics

The cat hand group in new world is similar to the kafra and cool event in the mid guard continent.

The basic difference between the cat hand and its rival in mid guard continent is that their services are earned with credits. The more your credits with the cat hand group the more services will be unlocked.

The credit requirement for various services are-

Service Credits

Storage Service: 20
Warp Service (Prontera): 40
Warp Service (Alberta): 50
Warp Service (Izlude): 60
Warp Service (Geffen): 70
Warp Service (Payon): 80
Warp Service (Morroc): 90
Warp Service (Al De Baran): 100
Warp Service (Juno): 200
Warp Service (Einbroch): 250
Warp Service (Lighthalzen): 300
Warp Service (Jottunheim): 100 (Not Implemented Yet)

The wrap service prices also vary according to your current credits-

Credit zeny

41-60 5500z
61-80 5025z
81-100 4765z
101-200 4590z
201-250 4170z
251-300 4025z
301 3970z