Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rune Knight Rune's

Being a Rune Knight is great fun u have quite stuff with the help of which u can get to the best player in pvp or woe and MVP too will give the MVP thing in next post this will concentrate on the Rune's specialty of Rune Knight.

For making Rune first we need is the rune mastery skill and best to get it to level 10 for better success.

next we will need is the basic item rune ores there are many type of rune ores available and all have different success.

i tried with rare rune.

for skills of Rune knight and the Rune description here is the best site

those rune are not spammable but they last quite long so its not a worry.

best one i liked are Thurisaz and Raido they are gr8 for pvp and pvm
radio can one one shot killer for many yet it will break your weapon very sad thing to hear.

but you can by pass this there are 2 potion available to you here

  • Either use a indestructible Weapon.
  • Use a Golem card it gives +5 atk and makes weapon indestructible.
Hunting for the Rune items is also quite easy for many runes and for those elder branch and light particles there are many monster which drop elders branch in the new world but for light particle i haven't encountered any monster till now in the server i play. And its good for me i can buy rune ores and elders branch and light particle form NPC rest all i have to hunt and they are easy.


  1. Can u tell me whether the Nauritz rune can dispel skills like Howling of Mandagora.


  2. will try to answer u as soon as possible currently i am in Delhi on holiday will test and tell you when i come back home