Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lord Kaho's Horn Quest

Lord Kaho's Horns is one of the best head gear u can get in new world RO (The server i play).
A special headgear created specifically for Lord Kaho ... Whoever he is.
STR + 5, INT + 5
VIT + 10, AGI + 10
LUK + 20, MDEF + 10
Def 5
Weight 10
Class Upper Headgear
Lord Kaho's Horns

The quests is quite simple just you will need to gather tons of items which are hard and mostly all are mvp drops.

To start the quest simply talk to the Lord Kaho's servant He is in the north west of the prontera square.
Lord Kaho Horn's

He will ask for these items

  • 15 Emperium
  • 1 Skull From Dark Lord
  • 1 Heroic Emblem from Orc Hero
  • 1 Evil Horn From Baphomet
  • 1 Red Frame From Doppelganger
  • 1 Smoking Pipe From Eddga
  • 1 Fang Of Gram From Gram
  • 1 Mother's Nightmare From Maya
  • 1 Sphynx Hat From Osiris
  • 1 Diamond Ring From Mistress
Note :- Its not necessary u get item from MVP only u can get item from any other source if u have like Red Frame is also Dropped by Dark Frame .

He will ask for these dolls also

  • Poring Doll
  • Chonchon Doll
  • Baphomet Doll
  • Osiris Doll
  • Rocker Doll
  • Apez fanitem (Yoyo) Doll
  • Racoon Doll
  • Spore Doll
With all these item he will ask for 10 million zeny.

with all these collected just talk to the NPC he will Give you your  Lord Kaho's Horn.

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