Monday, June 28, 2010

New Looks to the blog :)

Hi guys and gals
was having little problem with my network connection so was not able to give much respose to blog and all servers.

but now my net is restored so i am back in action :)

and for all the blog reader implemented new look to the blog with some new features for you all reader special the translator hope it helps all do try it its located in the tool bar which u see at the bottom of the screen of your browser :).

and once more thanks for reading my blog

and do comment querries,mistakes,suggestion :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some more stuff for help

Here are some stuffs in psd to help you while working to make your signatures.
Hope it helps you
Click on them to download them

emotions of ragnarok
Logo of countries in ragnarok

Signatures for forums 2

here are few more signatures


psd download

 psd download


psd download

Signatures for forums

Playing on any server forums are very vital part of the game reading  a servers forums you can tell some what how the server can be and at least for me i love to chat in forums and Bug GMs there for bugs if i get one :p

In every forums you have option of signature can be edited in players control panel or in settings

your signature is attached after every post of yours and it looks very cool :)

so here i will provide you with some of my made signatures hope you like them and i will also post guide on how making signature soon as soon as i get it done perfectly as i am also learning :)

i earlier posted a wallpaper for the GM of new world ro i made it for him don't know if he liked or not if u want to use it here is the psd (photoshop format file) click here to download it .

one of my fav sig i made till now is this one
its of my traper in new world ro :).

if you want its psd click here to download.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Theif leveling Guide

Thief are one of the best classes to level up and there advance classes are also very powerful in pvp and woe both.

as a thief your power will be your speed so concentrate on agi more

the starting stats for this class will be
9 str
9 agi
9 dex

we will get a fair str to 40-50 as we go ahead and 40-60 dex as you choose and rest all points will be in agi.

leveling we will start with the novice grounds here get job 10 of novice and this will be very easy for you as a thief

then go the the thief guild and change to thief click here.

after you become a thief go to the poring heaven or payon dungen here level up till level 30 and keep pumping agi till u are dogeing the oponnents all attacks.

after you are done with base level 30 head to wolf map 2nd map down of payon.

for skills be sure u get double attack and increse dodge to level 10 first.

in wolf map level up till level 50-60 the exp will be great and drops are also good.

after you cross 55 try to hunt in toy factory level 2 with agi of like 60 all will miss you mostly.

kill those crusiers and myst case here they are great at exp and awesome at zeny also the piece of cake will be good at healing and are good to overcharge also.

by the time you reach 60 you will be 40+ at job level and then its your choice when to change your job to higher job but i will recommend to go for job 50 and then change your job to higher job.

form here 2 options are availabe for you click on them too read furthur



Rouge/Stalker leveling guide

Rogue/Stalker are the best to make zeny they have high flee and do decent damage with daggers cause of double attack and best thing is autosteal when using melle dagger attacks.

For Rogue job quest click here.

if you are lucky enough u can steal rare stuff and get rich a little faster then other classes.

leveling we will be near to level 60 when we change to rouge from a thief

the best and least dangerous spot for leveling will be in toy factory 2 just watch out for stormy knight he will freeze you to death he always confused me which type he is his looks give it look like water type monster but he is actuly wind property monster.

leveling in toy factory will get you good exp also and good zeny also.level here till level 65-70.

or you can try to go in payon dungen munak and shoee are good exp.

and keep an eye on sleketon archers they drop apple of archer one of the best head gear in game so try to get one!

now you have 3 options here either go with dagger build or go with bow and arrow build or try plagrism with magic.

for dagger build you can try to get plagrism and copy kinght skill blowing bash and try to mob in high orcs or kill some where else mobing other skills you can try coping is monk triple attack it passsive and will do good damage.

you can also trying killing in payon dungen shoee map now she give some good items which can be sold like authorative badges. or try to kill mummies good exp and chances to get gloves.

for magic build u can try coping firebolt and go kill few geographers they are also good exp.or if u have a friend to tank you get Storm gust and mob in high orcs or any other map you find good exp.
you can also try copying ninja skills they are also good if you want to use magic attacks.

for bow build you have double strafe and its one of the best skill when using bow as a weapon else you can try to copy Sharp Shooting or copy arrow shower and kill some mob.

as caster your main stats will be int and dex and as a dagger user(meele) or bow main your main stats will be agi and dex and str in case of dagger for damage.

after you are at level 85 now all places will be sucky at exp you can try killing in spinx now kill anibus they are the best exp if you can kill them.

after 85 try to make equips

high flee only for leveling(dagger build)

for armor i will suggest you to get pantie and for garment undershirt this will help a lot if you aim for high flee.

head gear get aoa or ghost badana

weapon- choice your slef

mid head gear - angel / evil wing

shiled - blucker or any u can get if sloted get a card to protect you from the race you are finding

shoe- get any but have one surely

acessory- as a rouge get gloves or ring or broches what ever you can get

just keep one thing in mind str multiple of 10 and dex multiple of 20

use aweak pots and breask pots which even u can use

and after 85 try to venture for new places where you can get some good exp or good equip or good zeny and enjoy.
after 99 for rebith quest click here

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taekwon leveling Guide

Taekwon are one of the best tanks in game if you ask me if they are ranked :P
leveling one will be little hard.

First novice grounds are best and take starting stats as
9 str
9 dex
9 agi

pump in to your str to 40 as it will be your main damage dealing factor as Taekwons don't use weapons!

for job quest of taekwon Click here

One of the basic many dont know about taekwon skill is how to use taekwon kick except flying side kick which is direct.

for using any kick first it must be prepared or its stances must be prepared and this happens automaticly for those whom u leave prepare kick skill active.

for eg consider i have axe kick stance on then while hitting any monster my character will automaticly prepare axe kick and then if you use the axekick skill it will be triggered if u use any other kick or skill the stance is cancled so you have to be carefull at which kick is being prepared.For practise first only leave one kick active then as u get use too then use more kicks at a time.

now  a Taekwon first place to level will be payon fild 4 poring heaven whack here some drops and poporings until you are level 40 now is time to start equip hunting also with leveling.

now try killing wolfs in payon field wolfs are one of the best exp you will get and can be easily killed just be carefull of the mobs.
proceed to payon cave 2 and kill all monster here and if have warm wind use it it will be your best damage amplifier. kill till you get a apple of archer form archer skeleton.
after that its time to proceed to toy factory here also kick will help you a lot.

you can try to kill in prontera curvlets hunt male thief bugs

once you are level 55+ go and kill in orc village for orc ladies be careful of orc lord he wont like u killing his ladies :p
hunt here untill u get job 50 or level 65.

if you want to become star gladiator/ Taekwon master then do its quest. or if you want to become soul linker then go for soul linker quest.

if you dont want to change job and want to remain as taekwon then get the skill taekwon mission for sure and do taekwon missions it gives you random monster name and you will have to kill 100 of those monsters and if you get any monster which you dont want to kill then keep using the skill until you get another monsters name but this will work only if you haven't killed any monster till now else it will just show you no of monster you have killed and will never change for you.

after level 65 use warm wind to get water property and go kill in west orc village (ie high orcs)

after high orcs go to spinx 5 kill pasana there and be careful with anibus if you can kill them best for you :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Feather Beret Quest

Feather beret is one of the best equip if you are going to tank in pvp or woe and is a must suggestion in your collection and the best part is its easy to make one!

10% resistance to demi human
1 Def
1 Mdef
Is Refinable

For making a Feather beret items needed are

  • 1 Beret
  • 100 Soft Feather
  • 1 White Dyestuffs
  • and some real life luck!
when you have all these go to Sakjul in Rachel (152,131) he will take all the stuff and give you your Feather beret but only by 90% chances. 10% he may keep the Feather beret made.
Sakjul rachel(152.131)

For hunting these items
Beret go to Rachel dungeon level 4 kill Echio here.

For soft feather there are lot of places like owl dukes in clock tower dungen level 4,Thantos tower floor 5, Thantos tower floor 6.

For White dye stuff try your luck at old purple box and old blue box or better do the dye making quest.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Treasure Hunter quest (THQ) basics

Again one of my favorite quest and secret on my server as not many people do these quests.
This quest provide you with the best equips as rewards.
THQ is one of the best quest and best part it is official quest so it is there on max servers available there

The most seeked equips are Mjolnir and Balmung

Balmung can only be obtained this way officialy though getting 2000 token will be work of nearly 2 years

but its worth the efforts.

To do the quest read this THQ quest guide

and for complete reward list read THQ Reward List

Treasure Hunter quest (THQ) Rewards list

To get to the reward shop talk to the /Guild Master he will wrap you to the Shop Npc
Where You can choose from the given list of rewards
T stands for Token here

  • Trade for Zeny
    1. 1000z     - 1T
    2. 10000z   - 10T
    3. 100000z - 100T

  • Trade for card
    1. Poring Card             - 2T
    2. Pasana Card            - 420T
    3. Dokebi Card            - 420T
    4. Swordfish Card        - 420T
    5. Sandman Card         - 420T
    6. Drainliar Card          - 360T
    7. Kaho Card              - 360T
    8. Mandagora Card     - 360T
    9. Vandon Card          - 360T
    10. Mummy Card         - 540T
    11. Zernoc Card           - 240T
    12. Condor Card          - 240T
    13. Zombie Card          - 210T
  • Trade for Weapon
    • Axe's
      • Sabbath -160T
      • Slaughter - 160T
      • Tomahawk - 180T
      • Great Axe- 200T
      • Guillotine - 200T

      • 1 Handed Swords
        • Edge - 130T
        • Solar Sword - 150T
        • Caesar's Sword - 170T
        • Nagan - 180T
        • Immaterial Sword - 200T
        • Excalibur - 200T
        • byeollugum - 240T
        • Talefing - 320T

        • 2 Handed Swords
          • Dragon Slayer - 140T
          • Schweizersaber - 200T
          • Katzbalger - 300T
          • Murmasa - 400T
          • Balmung - 2000T

          • Books
            • Book of the Burning Sun - 80T
            • Book of the Rough Seas - 80T
            • Book of the Dry Winds - 80T
            • Book of the Ripe Earth - 80T
            • Book of the Revelations - 80T
            • Bible - 90T
            • Tablet - 120T

            • Bow's
              • Rudra's Bow - 150T
              • Roguemaster's Bow - 150T

              • Katars
                • Katar of the Blazing Sun - 70T
                • Katar of the Cold Icicle - 80T
                • Katar of the Piercing Wind - 70T
                • Katar of the Dusty Thornbush - 70T
                • Sharpened Legbone Of Ghoul - 125T
                • Infiltrator - 150T

                • Knuckle's
                  • Kaiser Knuckle - 75T
                  • Berserk - 75T

                  • Mace's
                    • Spike - 65T
                    • Slash - 90T
                    • Grand Cross - 100T
                    • Quadrille - 110T
                    • Mjolnir - 1000T

                    • Whips
                      • Rapture Rose - 50T
                      • Chemeti - 65T

                      • Wands 
                        • Mighty Staff - 90T
                        • Wizardry Staff - 150T
                        • Bone Wand - 110T
                        • Staff Of Soul - 120T

                    Treasure Hunter quest (THQ)

                    Treasure Hunter quests (also known as THQ) are repeatable quests that when completed yield tokens as rewards. These tokens can be exchanged for rewards such as weapons and cards at the Token Shop. Your tokens are shared among all of the characters on your account.
                    Treasure Hunter Guild locatonTo become a Treasure Hunter and start earning tokens you must enroll on the second floor of the Treasure Hunter Guild in Yuno. The building is in the lower left corner of Yuno (the first NPCs you will see once inside will be a Kafra and a 'Pub Master'). Go up the stairs to the second floor and talk to the Guild Master at the end of the hallway. Pay him 25,000z to enroll as a Treasure Hunter and start completing Treasure Hunter Quests.
                    You can only complete 1 quest every hour, and a quests' availability resets each server hour. This means that if you complete a quest at 1:57, you can do another one at 2:00. So time your quests carefully so you can do 2 quests right after each other.

                    Treasure Hunter Quests List

                    NOTE: Easy quests are in Blue and hard quests are in Red. Harder quests give more tokens as a reward.

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 1

                    Lost Old Man
                    Map: mjolnir_09 (187,189)
                    NPC Name: Old Man
                    Req: Talk to the NPC
                    Rewards: 1 Tokens

                    Master Needs His Bow
                    Map: pay_arche (86,129)
                    NPC Name: Archer
                    Req: Give NPC a Letter (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    The Hit List
                    Map: prt_fild06 (37,192)
                    NPC Name: Farmer
                    Req: 20 Worm Peelings, 20 Jellopy, 20 Fluff and 20 Clover (dropped by mobs)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    The Sad Widow
                    Map: prontera (264,353)
                    NPC Name: Old Lady
                    Req: 15 Memento (dropped by mobs)
                    Rewards: 3 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 2

                    The Strange Letter
                    Map: morocc (59,109)
                    NPC Name: Erika
                    Req: Give NPC a Letter (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Tokens

                    Jur for Jeramiah
                    Map: moc_fild16 (inside Assassin Guild)(15,30)
                    NPC Name: Jeramiah
                    Req: Give NPC Jeremiah's Jur (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Bee Keepers Hunny
                    Map: prt_fild07 (316,263)
                    NPC Name: Marsh Man
                    Req: 20 Honey (dropped by mobs)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    The Wander Man
                    Map: payon (161,72)
                    NPC Name: Molly
                    Req: 1 Skull (dropped by Alarm/Wanderer/Flame Skull/Wind Ghost/etc..)
                    Rewards: 3 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 3

                    Damn Pixies!
                    Map: moc_fild04 (208,322)
                    NPC Name: Clark
                    Req: 30 Elder Pixie's Moustache (dropped by Giearth/Knocker)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    Package Delivery
                    Map: yuno_fild01 (186,162)
                    NPC Name: Flank
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Prontera Culvert
                    Map: prt_sewb1 (120,245)
                    NPC Name: Sewer Management Knight
                    Req: 150 Worm Peelings (dropped by Thief Bugs, Andres)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Trouble at the Coal Mine
                    Map: mjolnir_02 (87,357)
                    NPC Name: Man
                    Req: 50 Lantern (dropped by Skeleton Worker, Pitman)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 4

                    Zombie Attack
                    Map: pay_arche (45,138)
                    NPC Name: Flora
                    Req: 50 Decayed Nail (dropped by Zombie/zombie-like mobs)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    Mystic Wizard
                    Map: yuno (on top of a house)(45,138)
                    NPC Name: Zed
                    Req: Give NPC Zed's Staff (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Aww Shoot!
                    Map: prontera (176,204)
                    NPC Name: Dassy
                    Req: 20 Shoot (dropped by Plants/Les/Mandragora)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Map: prt_gld (157,99)
                    NPC Name: Czhore
                    Req: 1 Emperium (dropped by Shining Plant/Orc Zombie/Requiem/Mineral/etc..)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens (and a Treasure Chest)

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 5

                    Savage Land
                    Map: prt_maze01 (18,184)
                    NPC Name: Lithin
                    Req: 15 Mane (dropped by Savage)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    Pyramids Part 1
                    Map: moc_ruins (inside Thief Guild)(75,167)
                    NPC Name: Lithin
                    Req: 30 Skel-Bone (dropped by Skeleton-like mobs)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    Thinking First
                    Map: geffen (57,130)
                    NPC Name: Blonde Girl
                    Req: 1 Bouquet (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    The not-so-friendly Ghost
                    Map: gef_tower (49,27)
                    NPC Name: Wizard
                    Req: 50 Fabric (dropped by Wraith/Whisper/Lude/etc..)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 6

                    Package for Thieves
                    Map: moc_prydb1 (47,132)
                    NPC Name: Thief
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Pyramids Part 2
                    Map: moc_ruins (inside Thief Guild)(75,167)
                    NPC Name: Lithin
                    Req: 30 Rotten Bandages (dropped by Mummy/Zombie Prisoner/Verit)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    Special Delivery
                    Map: xmas (144,136)
                    NPC Name: Chirach
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Map: gef_tower (52,87)
                    NPC Name: Wizard
                    Req: 20 Horse Shoe (dropped by Nightmare)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 7

                    Apple Juice
                    Map: prontera (123,208)
                    NPC Name: Little Girl
                    Req: 5 Apple Juice (dropped by Mastering/made from Juice Quest)
                    Rewards: 1 Tokens

                    Map: alberta (101,84)
                    NPC Name: Charles
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Golden Thief Bug
                    Map: prt_sewb1 (120,245)
                    NPC Name: Sewer Management Knight
                    Req: 1 Gold (dropped by Golden Thief Bug/Mi Gao/Dokebi/Mineral/etc..)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Evil Pirates
                    Map: alb2trea (94,102)
                    NPC Name: Scarlet
                    Req: 1 Saber[3] (dropped by Drake/Khalitzburg)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 8

                    Banana Juice
                    Map: prontera (123,208)
                    NPC Name: Little Girl
                    Req: 5 Banana Juice (dropped by Choco/made from Juice Quest)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Another Delivery
                    Map: morocc (165,55)
                    NPC Name: Klye
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    My Lost Beads
                    Map: payon (136,129)
                    NPC Name: Flower
                    Req: 10 Glass Beads (purchased from Gift Merchants in Lighthalzen/Lutie/Prontera, dropped by mobs)
                    Rewards: 2 Tokens

                    Map: prt_maze02 (103,86)
                    NPC Name: Zack
                    Req: 1 Evil Horn (dropped by Bahomet Jr./Baphomet)
                    Rewards: 5 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 9

                    Smelly Box
                    Map: geffen_in (inside Mage Guild)(168,124)
                    NPC Name: Mage
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Sohee's Everywhere!
                    Map: pay_arche (98,74)
                    NPC Name: School Girl
                    Req: 20 Black Hair (dropped by Sohee)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Moonlight Flower
                    Map: payon_in02 (19,33)
                    NPC Name: Jack
                    Req: 1 Nine Tail (dropped by Nine Tails)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Payon Cave
                    Map: payon_in02 (19,33)
                    NPC Name: Jack
                    Req: 40 Daenggie (dropped by Munak)
                    Rewards: 3 Tokens

                    Treasure Hunter Quest List 10

                    The Blank Box
                    Map: morocc (193,51)
                    NPC Name: Kreg
                    Req: Give NPC a Box (provided by quest manager)
                    Rewards: 1 Token

                    Map: pay_fild10 (145,252)
                    NPC Name: Man
                    Req: 1 Tiger's Footskin (dropped by Eddga)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Map: moc_fild04 (193,51)
                    NPC Name: Caral
                    Req: 1 Tongue (dropped by Phreeoni)
                    Rewards: 4 Tokens

                    Map: moc_fild15 (250,251)
                    NPC Name: Jeni
                    Req: 1 Mother's Nightmare (or 1 Round Shell) (dropped by Maya)
                    Rewards: 3 Tokens

                    credits for guide to guiderz

                    Friday, June 4, 2010

                    Arch Bishop leveling

                    For arch bishop leveling i have tried 2 ways till now and both worked great

                    1. Turn Undead
                    2. Magnus Exorcismus.

                    for using Turn undead you can try abeey level 2 and spinx 4
                    you will need decent amount of int luck and dex to kill them in one shot with turn undead.

                    for Magnus Exorcismus build u will need high int and dex.
                    you can try mobing in abeey any level will depend on if you have help or not but if are in a plan to solo then i will suggest go to abeey level 3 for necromancers.
                    just Magnus Exorcismus them and Teleport using a flywing they will die in your Magnus Exorcismus evently.

                    the best equips if you ask me for this build will be
                    divine cross, spiritual ring, and clip[1] or rosary[1] with a Beelzebub card
                    this give 30% more damage with Magnus Exorcismus

                    I prefer this equip set even while leveling as a acolyte as it give 50% more damage form heal skill

                    For leveling from a acolyte refer this link also

                    Star gladiator / Taekwon master leveling

                    Taekwon masters are a very good classes for breaking emprium in war of empirum and for hunting for equips.

                    for Taekwon job quest refer here

                    leveling as a Taekwon will be little hard but with normal equips hunting first in poporing and then in wolfs and then in orc dungen and orc ladies will get you job 50 Taekwon in 4-5 hours on a midrate server.

                    then change your job to Taekwon master

                    leveling here will be again in orcs after level 70 go to high orcs and level here till 85-90.

                    now u can try some hard places but do keep all your feels free dont use them here and there unitl you are sure of that.

                    one of the best place for leveling and leeching is Thor's volcano have your feeling and memorise it as either place of moon or star.

                    keep the place of moon safe for guild map as you will need it to break emp.

                    now have all fire proff equips like pasana card ,jack card and pneumonia card.
                    rest take according to your need have union skill handy here it helps a lot in killing and take lots of white potions too with union you will loose 2% HP per hit on monster so you will need them.
                    and union has link requirement so have a soul linker ready.

                    have warm wind skill of Taekwon handy here take water element for Thor's
                    now go in the Thor's 1 and spot a alone kasa here and go kill it. keep using posts and also have assum from a priest if you can get it will help a lot here.

                    just see to it that you wont die and it will be fast enough to kill them.

                    other best place yo can go is odin temple but here 2 case come killing sekkgoids they will be easy and can be soloed but when it come to a handy with Valkyrie a priest is highly suggested to spam safety wall on you and help you out.

                    with help she will also be in your feet for mercy.

                    just keep a check on equips and use feel level 3 here and hatred level 3 on Valkyrie to be more fast and have appropriate warm wind.

                    Shura leveling

                    Shura have the best place to level in lightzlaen dungeon or the biolab 3 the monsters here except Lord knight will die in 1 asura and each monster gives 5-6% even at lvl 115

                    again this will only be helpful if you have warper to the dungeon..
                    do take lots of flywings.
                    equips will be same which you use for pvp asura build

                    get str in multiple of 10 with bonus and have a gypsy with service for you skill for extra help.
                    good cast will be the biggest requirement here as they will kill you in secs asura and tp using flywings or even if u die while u kill the monster you still get 5% exp and always use @autoloot in this place drops can be good especially the sinx good chances of getting edp and specialty jur here.

                    keep away from the high wizard its ghost type so asura will miss on it.

                    other haven't tried much of the shura skills will test them and soon post more places as i get them.