Saturday, May 1, 2010

Making Zeny in New world maps

Zeny in new world maps is more easy then mid guard even for low rate servers as Few Monsters drop quite costly items very frequently.

If you want to make like 1 mil in 10-15 mins Take a ranger and equip it with wind arrows.

Go to Brasillis Dungeon 2. Here Hunt for Piranha and Iara. Both will die Mostly in One Double Strafe Depending on your equips

Piranha Drops Fishermen's dagger which can be sold to npc @10k
and Iara Drops Witherless rose and crystal mirror both can be sold to NPC at high prices

The Basic trick to get zeny fast will be Overcharging the items using a merchant

BE CAREFUL while Hunting in this Map as there is a MVP named Biotata here.
this mvp is Fire Type and has Headless Mules as slaves.
Headless Mules
those mules also have high chances of dropping Full Plate.
Note:- both the monsters drop one item each which can be vended at very high prices!!!!!!!!!

I will Update More places as i Find .


  1. Does that MVP drop any usefull stuff otherthan for the zeny?

  2. currently that mvp has no drops its being decided by gravity what drops that mvp must have Brasillis is still underdevelopment project