Saturday, May 1, 2010

Onwards to the New World

This is the first Quest one needs to do when he want to visit the new world maps.
This quest is prerequisite for many other quest and give very good exp also!

The quest is very well explained in Irowiki

The quest is little lenghty and last part can be little hard
you will need 300 jellopy , 1 Emerald , 1 Ruby Both the Gems can be bought in lightzalen jeweler

the hardest part of the quest will be killing 50 Mobsters in 15 mins they will be scattered on the full map so it can be hard to get them in the time limit.
Normal attacks seem to miss on them even with 300 hit.

Best way to kill them will be either use magic or critic i tried both magic n critic both are fast enough to kill them.

another way for rune knight can be use their magic enchant after that you wont miss on them.

the sage endows won't help i tried endows also for me only the above 3 ways worked out.
In the step 16 where u have to talk to Munkenro this trick can save your 5-10 mins of walking

here as u can see in this picture you can talk to him from the hill little adjcent to the one on which Munkeno is standing so wou wont have to walk to him.

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