Monday, May 3, 2010

Guillotine Cross leveling spots

While searching places to level my Guillotine Cross the place which i preferred was munak field 1

the exp was good like .6% each monster and tendrilion like 1.5% each (Till level 112) and ya the other drops which the monster are also good n can be good for zeny.Save those Furs u get from tendrilion u will get a good bonus out of those after doing a quest i will tell about it in a later post.

other places which u can try are same as old sinx rachel,sphinx they all are great places for leveling + zeny flow will always be great!!

zeny flow of sphinx will be better as the no of Stiletto will be more n undershirt it self get 10k z each n can also be vended.


  1. Lol , so is there a sura lvl tip comeing up anytime soon? :P

  2. yup for sure will get my shura rocking tomorrow n check random spot n give u as soon as possible

  3. Sweet !! :D

    PS: Its soo freaking irritating to comment on this thing , I have to go threw 2 security checks and all. :|

  4. k i will check setting n try to make it little easy

  5. 1. lvling GX is very easy . going to abbey 01 killing around 2-3 bunshee is very easy they give around 2.5-3% each

    2. lvling sura is very hard in all the maps excet thor 3 and lhz dun 03
    problems in thor 3 is if u asura salamender they die and even u die as they use reflect i prefer lhz dun 03
    each monsters in that give nearly 10% till 112 lvl after that it reduses as u lvl while u r lvl is 119 u may get around 4.5-5 % each monster .. try killing all the monsters except hw as they r ghost they dont die.

  6. i will post the Shura guide soon
    and for GX as u go high the experience get very low in abbey so i tried out the new world as it had many more promising things coming :)