Thursday, May 20, 2010


I made this wallpaper for the GM of the Server i play to give him some respect. They deserve much more but this is all i could do.Thanks a lot for such a good server :)
[GM] Kakashi

Note:- this wallpaper was made by me using other lots of wallpapers they are all their respective owners property but this art is my work

Levelling a Bard (story of my bard)

Sever – New world Ragnarok (NWRO)
Char name – carl jones
Sex- male
Job- Bard

Firstly the main stat as a bard for you will be dex.

And for levelling I prefer agi more then vit.

Start the new char with
 9 dex
 9 int
 9 agi.

Go through the novice ground as a novice get job 10.

Then go to the archers guild change to an archer

Once an archer you will get a bow from archer guild and some arrows too
Equip it go out to Payon field kill some willows and poring and get some job levels

If u have a wraper around go to Morroc and go to the south Morroc field it has better experience.
When you have double strafe level 10 go to payon back buy some silver arrows and go to payon dungeon kill all the monsters you get here with double strafe. Keep autoloot on if u have it on your server. This place will be great experience as well as great zeny .kill here till lvl 45 by this time you will have nearly 500k+ zeny accumulated.

When you are  level 45 go to einbroch and go to field north of it(einbiroch field 4).and get fire arrows for here .kill geographers here they will be one of the best experience you will get in this level adnd you can easily kill them too the trouble here will be when more then 1 geographers are together they will heal other with lvl 5 each and heal amount of 1045 each time and that will get you in trouble as your Sp will be very low at the current level.

If you have done the job platinum skills then you will have charge arrow one of the best skill at this condition just charge arrow those geographers which are healing your target . and they will be pushed back 4 cells every time and hence get you time to kill your target. Kill those Metalings to here as they will be the source of your zeny here.

In many servers you can sell the level 5 healing scrolls they can also be addition to you money(Zeny).
When you are near level 66 you will be job 50 of archer now its time that we change our job to bard and fulfil our destiny.

Once you are near level 80 its time we venture and collect basic equipments.

First head to Payon dungeon 2 here kill those archer skeletons and get your Apple of archer best head gear +3 dex

Once you have it now go to morroc pyramids and go to level 3 of pyramid and get yourself 2 gloves killing mummies here.

Buy your slef a gakkung as soon as you can it will help a  lot latters and you damage will be pretty good with

Once you have obtained gloves and aoa you can also try to get a broch additionaly hunt in Geffen dungen 3 and be carefull of the doppelganger here he will kill you instant. Seek for nightmares here n kill them the loot will be wonderful you will get lots of blue herbs and blue potions and ordicons save them they can get you again lots of zeny.

In addition you have chances of getting infiltrator the best katar for the assassin class for pvp.
Save them too you can get a very good deal of zeny for those with assasssins.

You can try to venture in spinx dungen as well this place is also good for zeny and card hunting also kill here Zernom they drop 2 things of your  intrest first they drop panite you will need those if you want to go for high flee and that is also required in leveling. And second there card +3 dex in accessory. Save them they are the best zeny gainer for you and even usefull for you to achieve high damage.
When you have the painte and are not much interested in the card then leave for lvl 4 of the same dungen here hunt pasana get crystal arrows or they wont die get a undershirt from pasana.
And once again this place will be best zeny again pasana will drop stellios and undershirt falcion and their card which is also a good zeny item.

Now till this much you will surely be between level 85~90. Now its up to you fast levelling or more zeny. If leveling is you concern then level in the spinx dungen 4 only it will be good zeny and good levleing killing Anibus here but be sure you don’t let them come near you keep charge arrow handy here.

And if you want adventure then pack your bag with silver arrows we are going hidden dungen if you have a wraper to level 3 of the dungeon then it your luck else its gona be a mind fucking walk to level 3.
Here kill any thing you get and teleport on the sight of Baphomet don’t even think to have a chat with this guy he is mean very mean. This place will get you yggardsil berries and fruits and they will be best to keep for personal use or to sell out for high zeny.

Additionally you will find here many mini bosses too kill them for sure.

I was wandering around and met with Ghostring good I went to job level 50 as a archer and took arrow shower as well in skills he will clock a lot and use arrow shower to get him out and keep killing him.

You won’t believe how lucky I was when I went hidden dungeon I got Ghostring there waiting for me killed  it and i even used a berry while killing It but it paid off I got a giant wishper card here and let me tell you this card gonna fetch me 10 mil at least and while hunting for gloves I was lucky enough to get 2 mummy cards enough of the luck was with me I made level 90 bard at the end with stuff worth 25 mil at least and that too in some 6 hours it was one lucky day for me.

And keep your guard on and keep hunting these poring evolved monsters card are very precious and very useful.
I will always suggest being an adventure and venture far as the more you go further the better the results will be.
Had more time in the day left but cannot play more today as I m leaving for a holiday out of the town will continue this as soon as I come back from Delhi .
And will surely make it aura and then reborn it as soon as possible and will update the adventure here.
And thanks for reading this big guide and adventure of mine J.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Card Removal

This feature is present on many private server and mostly the NPC location is the same
first go to the Prontera forge at the center square of Prontera
pronetra forge

in the forge go to the left portal there you will see a npc by the desk name old wise women.

talk to her she will tell you she has the power to remove card from equipments.

She will charge a base zeny of 200,000 plus 25000z each card in the equipment.
She will additionally need 1 yellow gemstone and 1 star crumb each equipment you bring to her.

there are 90% success chances and if failed nothing is lost!

Hidden Enchant (Armors)

This is again a Feature of the Game i bet max people wont know about.

The hidden Enchant NPC is in south Prontera.
Hidden npc

he will take one armor and 400,000z and randomly enchant it with any of the stat +1~+3 .
this can be quite useful to get some extra stats to get the cutting edge :D

here this link gives full detail which item can be enchanted

Equipment Slotting (socket enchantment)

Many equipment Are basically obtained unsloted.

many have their slotted versions too so here these 2 NPC Seiyablem and Leablem socket enchant your equipment at the charge of a nominal fee of course.

this information is for those who are very knew to Ro and don't know about its mechanics.

and for old players after episode 12 now there are 2 npc first it was only Seiyablem.

There are tons of guides which tell which equipment requires what but i found this to be the best

Friday, May 14, 2010

Maze Event

This event is one of the best event in terms of Prize.
you can get any one from the wide list

  • OCA
  • Bloddy Branches
  • Field manual
  • Old blue box
  • Old purple box
  • Gift box

all of them rock a must try event

The Wrap to the event comes every 3 hours in the Prontera middle square just enter it and the Instruction will be broadcast and depending on your luck you will reach the finish the first one to reach there wins and maze npc will appear in front of you and just talk to him it will give you your reward and teleport you back to Prontera middle square

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorcerer leveling guide

Sorcerer are currently the biggest benefiter from the 3rd job they got a very huge update many new things for them.

For skill description and Elemental Spirits description see this link

They got Max AOE (Area Of Effect) skills now and they control now 5 elements Fire, Wind , Water, Earth, Poison.

The have elemental spirits that aid them in battles there skill vacuum extreme Can stop any thing at a distance from them.

with there new skills and ability they can now even Go for solo leveling and mvping without any fear.

Leveling them will be best at Abbey 03 for Necromancers Vacuum Extreme them and then use all your powerful magic to kill them.

Additionally Now you can travel in the New world kill monster in Munak field 3 they are powerful but will be easy for u with Vacuum Extreme.

You will be the fastest to level to 120 for sure and if played well can be the best character for woe and pvp.

Still haven't tested those Elemental spirits they are yet to Come on the server i play rest Sorcerer Totally Rock!!!

Reader's suggestions:-

Additionally you can also try using fire walk skill in abbey this skill has a very high damage and the monsters following you will take very high damage from it but using this trick be careful as if those monsters get near you they can kill you fast so have flywings handy every time.

thanks for the suggestion :)

Warlock leveling

Warlock magic is very very powerful. They can kill a full screen of monster with single attack
but they have quite a good cast delay with them for skills.

Here is detail information of skills
Comet is your most powerful skill but has a huge cast delay so be careful when to use it and the monsters in the center of comet will take more damage then the monsters to the end.

leveling is easier here though
he best place to level will be Cursed Abbey 03 killing Necromancers will be fun but can get u killed also
just be careful of the Banshee here they wont die easy with magic

if u happen to get a single necromancer then try Tetra Vortex it will surely kill it if u have decent enough equips

always have amplify magic. and Recognized Spell on for max damage use the skills Crimson Rock and Jack frost they will come very handy here.

Other places if you want to try then Try Ice dungeon with Chain lighting. its also a very deadly attack for water property monsters :)

If you want to go in the new world then party is recommended don't venture alone there.

and as usual keep some wings and pots with you they always come handy in situation of trouble.

Happy leveling.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rune Knight MVP

While MVPing if u have a wraper to those Maps then YOu can even defeat MVPs like Ifrit, Beelzebub, Valkyrie Randgris, Kiel, etc...... all have very High melee attack you can use them against them and solo those mvp's

death bound them to death and u can have your reward.

this way of Mvping will be like self suicide but you will get the MVP killed in 6-7 tries mostly

this will only be usefull if u have wraps available to those mvps else you will get nothing out of it

and also make sure u have @autoloot else the mvp will die and u will also die with it many times and will have nothing other then to cry as you cannot Get the lots they were dropped on the map and its totally your luck you can reach them or not.

Rune Knight PVP

While PVP ur biggest enemy will be warlocks and sorcerers their magic is killing if you don't have proper gears.

Always Have magic enchant On this will help a lot it adds damage to you attack based on Int so with 60-70 int u can have a very good damage

when battling warlocks and sorcerer  Berkana will be great help it will summon for you 5 Millenium Shield which can take 5 attack or 5 hits from any attack magic or melee that will be your only chance to reach them and kill them. Here Crush Strike can be Your one Shot killer. read Rune Knight Rune's for more information.

for Melee Char like Guillotine Cross death Bound trick will be great. they will die of their own attack reflect. For other chars you will have to be little tricky.

Sonic wave, Hundred spears are great addition to spear type Lord knight's they can have their Old skills Like Spiral pierce with these new one to rock in pvp.

Your High Hp will always Help you here.

Mostly you can finish Your opponents with Crush Strike so be sure you have enough runes.
For ranger try to endure to him and finish him fast with crush strike he will fire arrows @ 190 apsd and arrow storm and fear breeze will be deadly for you.

Be care full From mechanics and be sure to finish Your battle as fast as possible with Royal Guard as time pass they will get more deadly.

Royal Guard will be quite a head ache for you they wont die easy and when used crush strike you will die in reflect it self.

Try your skills and Rune as max char's in game now have ranged attacks and will try to finish You at range.

will try to get more things in PVP and post here soon .

Rune Knight Rune's

Being a Rune Knight is great fun u have quite stuff with the help of which u can get to the best player in pvp or woe and MVP too will give the MVP thing in next post this will concentrate on the Rune's specialty of Rune Knight.

For making Rune first we need is the rune mastery skill and best to get it to level 10 for better success.

next we will need is the basic item rune ores there are many type of rune ores available and all have different success.

i tried with rare rune.

for skills of Rune knight and the Rune description here is the best site

those rune are not spammable but they last quite long so its not a worry.

best one i liked are Thurisaz and Raido they are gr8 for pvp and pvm
radio can one one shot killer for many yet it will break your weapon very sad thing to hear.

but you can by pass this there are 2 potion available to you here

  • Either use a indestructible Weapon.
  • Use a Golem card it gives +5 atk and makes weapon indestructible.
Hunting for the Rune items is also quite easy for many runes and for those elder branch and light particles there are many monster which drop elders branch in the new world but for light particle i haven't encountered any monster till now in the server i play. And its good for me i can buy rune ores and elders branch and light particle form NPC rest all i have to hunt and they are easy.

Rune Knight leveling

Leveling Your Rune knight will be similar to how you leveled your knight mostly mobbing in fields but yet there are some new ways.

You can search over the net for knight leveling guides there are tons available and are very good also.
here is one of the best i have read till date

this will help you in leveling as well as pvp

and for rune knight try those things with new skills magic enchant is very powerful enchant for you with like 60-70 int it will almost double your damage.

A new way to level your rune knight is using death bound the skill of rune knight which take damage then amplifies it by 1500% and returns to the attacker this trick will only work with monster which have melee attack else u will end up dying.

Best place to use death bound will be in Thor's dungeon 3. Get a pasana card in armor and jack card in garment any additional fire proofing if u can get the best it will be. in shield you can try Penomena card.

and you will need lots of white pots / mastela fruits and for SP u can use strawberries they are easily huntable.

take lot of wings too as bow guardian will be a head ache here they are ranged and wont die easy

In the end be careful while leveling this way i have tried and it was worth the exp was good and even if i died i was getting much more then i lost this may not be applicable to server which has exp rate less then 10x but beyond that this trick will rock and if u get too much mob always a fly wing comes handy.

be ware of Ifrit with all the gears he can still toast you in 2-3 attacks

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cat Hand Group Mining spots

Mining spots for Cat hand group are located on the Munak fields.(All 3 Munak fields)
but they appear at random but fixed places on the map but only one spot remains unhidden at a time when u have mined from that spot it will hide and a spot next to it will get unhidden so that u can go mining in a straight line fashion.

the trick here is just keep watching the crystal coming out of ground in the Munak fields they are your mining spots and when you found one just follow the trail of the crystals coming out of ground.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cat Hand Group Fishing Secrets

I was fishing in Splendide and what u know i just fished out a Splendide Coin.
these coin can be used in Splendide town to buy special items!( Only if u have done The Ring of Wise king quest)

when i was fishing i also got old blue boxes gift boxes and tons of other stuffs!

and the time for fishing is like 10 secs but i heard some equips are there which reduce fishing time hope they come fast on the server i am playing.

Guillotine Cross Poison Making Information

The new class of assassin cross is Guillotine cross for the skill tree of Guillotine cross u can search google for it or just try this link

The Guillotine cross uses various of poisons to counter his enemies and they are very powerful too
here i will tell all the items required for making new poisons and the best available hunting places for them

Research Poison

Prereq: None (Basic Guillotine Cross Skill)
Type: Passive
Desc: Allows creation of new poisons. Higher levels of the skills unlocks new types of poisons and increases the probability of success. It is necessary to have medicine bowl and a poison creation kit. these items will be used up 1 each try!

[Level 1] : Success Rate 35% / Paralize - Ingredients: 20 Poison Toad Skin, 1 Amoena
[Level 2] : Success Rate 40% / Pyrexia - Ingredients: 20 Anolian Skin, 1 Lantana
[Level 3] : Success Rate 45% / Disheart - Ingredients: 10 Decayed Nail, 1 Celatom
[Level 4] : Success Rate 50% / Leechend - Ingredients: 1 Scoforia, 1 Nerium
[Level 5] : Success Rate 55% / Antidote - Ingredients: 2 Green Herbs, 1 Blue Herb, 1 White Herb
[Level 6] : Success Rate 60% / Venombleed - Ingredients: 10 Sticky Poison, 1 Isildor
[Level 7] : Success Rate 65% / Magic Mushroom - Ingredients: 10 Poison Spore, 1 Makulrata
[Level 8] : Success Rate 70% / Toxin - Ingredients: 10 Sticky Poison, 1 Nerium
[Level 9] : Success Rate 75% / Oblivioncurse - Ingredients: 10 Mermaid Heart, 1 Isildor
[Level 10] : Success Rate 80% / -

Create Poison

Prereq: Research New Poison 1
Type: Active
Desc: Creates a new poison. Presents a list of poisons you can make with your current items.

A paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, decreases attack speed by -10%, evasion -10%, and movement speed by 1/2.
Weight: 2

A poison that causes a high fever.
For 300 seconds, causes incurable blindness and causes the player to see illusions. Sometimes causes 100 damage which can interupt casting of skills.
Weight: 2

A poison that slows healing.
For 300 seconds, drops the effectiveness of recovery on the target by 20%.
This effect stacks with critical wounds.
Weight: 2

Leech End
A poison created with leeches.
For 300 seconds, drains HP every second.
Weight: 2

Venom Bleed
A poison that lowers the strength of a person.
For 15 seconds, reduces MaxHP by 15%.
Weight: 2

Magic Mushroom
A poison made with the dillusional effects of magic mushrooms.
For 300 seconds, every 4 seconds you lose 3% of your HP and involuntarially cast a random skill.
Weight: 2

A nerve paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, every 3 seconds it causes the damage motion on your character, interrupting any skills. Skills not interrupted do not receive the effects of your weapon or cards.
Weight: 2

Oblivion Curse
A poison that causes loss of memory.
For 300 seconds causes the target to suffer from amnesia. While in amnesia it blocks natural SP recovery, and cannot be canceled via lex divinia or green potion. While in this status you cannot use any skills.
Weight: 2

Ring of The Wise King

One of the most important quest if you want to be in the new world cities those cities as u need this quest to talk with the npc there this quest has lots of prerequisites

again best explained in irowiki

but has some error in private server try as given on iro wiki if u get stuck with
the linguist npc he will accept

The Faerie's text is:

The Giant's text is:

and you can encounter one more error here with the red gem digging part its bugged on many server if u have such problem just contact the GM of the server ask him either to update eathena if its a private server or the correct code for this npc should be

hideoffnpc "Half-buried Gem#1";

hideoffnpc "Half-buried Gem#1";

just ask ur GM to check it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cat Hand Group Fishing spots

When we were doing the Cat Hand Group quest you must have noticed that Gorurug says their are better chances of fishing out side the town.

i was wandering in the spl_fild02 when i noticed something in the water and what you know it was a school of fish for fishing then i ventured more in the place i noticed more of them didn't had much time today so ventured near the entrance portal only here is the list of fishing spots i found till now (coordinates)


  • 41,118

  • 321,169
  • 326,171
  • 314,165

  • 292,253
  • 268,230

i will update this list if i find more wandering in those fields.
and sorry i cannot give snap shots of these location as there are many on those field and it wont be feasible to give screenshots of all.
Any way i can give a handy tip here when wandering in Splendide fields just keep your eyes on the water if you find something back in middle then u have spotted your fishing ground.

Shadow Chaser leveling spots

So The 3rd jobs are out and for stalker it is Shadow chaser and for the bards its Minstrel

Both the characters rock and have a very big skill tree for the skill tree refer its given there for all characters.

Shadow chaser doesn't have much offensive skills but like its old job it can copy a skill of the 3rd jobs too using the skill reproduce.
The skill copied through reproduce will go as u re-log so be sure u have a friend to give u skills back.

Get a friend minstrel and copy his skill Severe Rainstorm. this skill is great hits like all in the screen(11x11)
but consume 120 sp requires a bow equipped and 20 arrows each cast will fail if u have less arrows.

After we have the skill now we can choose any of the place i tired random places but exp was not good enough or i was dieing very fast there.

Then i tried the magma dungeon 2 decent place with a very big mob take crystal and silver arrows both there
for night mare terror use silver arrows for others use crystal arrows just collect a mob and use severe rainstorm the mob will die in 1-3 rainstorms depending on your dex and equips.

To stay alive get a decent flee of like 250 else no chance one will survive there and take fly wings if you are about to die just Teleport using  fly wing

Other way can be copy rangers skill arrow storm n try killing in Thor's dungeon 1.

one more option my personal favorite is getting high attack and Genetic skill Crazy Weed and then hunting in Geffenia. the experience is decent and the zeny earning here is very high.

Happy leveling i will keep on searching more n update here in Leveling section

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tripatriate Union's Feud

The best quest if u ask me
the reward make it worth doing even if it was not a prerequisite for Report from new world quest
we get base exp of 300,000 but the best things are these foods check them.

again the best place for referring this quest is irowiki

here also be careful in the part where u have to kill all the thief bugs in the meeting room when i was doing it even after killing all the thief bugs those npc didn't came back but when i went in the room like after few hours to my luck they were there and i was able to continue the quest.

This quest in the server i play only i did n let me tell you one more then 50% of the players don't even know about the quest well now you know it so take full benefit of those foods in woe and pvp :) and those npc will give u only 1 at a time n if u have more then 5 foods in inventory they wont give u more foods keep them in storage and cm back!

New Surroundings

This quest is prerequisite for Report from the new world quest which i again prerequisite for almost all Good quests in the new world so its worth doing n the reward is pretty nice
20 chocolate pie (restore 5% hp and SP)
1,000,000 base exp
100,000 job exp

this quest is very easy all the npc are on the same map just u need to have some items before u start the quest n it will be 10 min quest.
again best explained at irowiki

when i did this quest
in the step 11 i came out of tent without talking to Lucus. n the penalty was i got only 19 chocolate pie's :( .

Monday, May 3, 2010

Guillotine Cross leveling spots

While searching places to level my Guillotine Cross the place which i preferred was munak field 1

the exp was good like .6% each monster and tendrilion like 1.5% each (Till level 112) and ya the other drops which the monster are also good n can be good for zeny.Save those Furs u get from tendrilion u will get a good bonus out of those after doing a quest i will tell about it in a later post.

other places which u can try are same as old sinx rachel,sphinx they all are great places for leveling + zeny flow will always be great!!

zeny flow of sphinx will be better as the no of Stiletto will be more n undershirt it self get 10k z each n can also be vended.

Genetic Leveling and zeny earning

I was trying to level my Genetic and wow i felt like i Hit a Jack pot at zeny earning.I earned like 7 mil in nearly 40-45 mins and Base level 5 level Ups and 10 job level ups!

Here is what i did

Take your Genetic in Geffenia kill all the monsters there the drops are awesome to vend n to sell to npcs also

the Build which i m using on my genetic is for crazy weed means str dex build
weapon best will be doom slayer best attack crazy weed is aoe skill n does like 6k damage there for me to all monster except bloddy night he is little tuff.

this will only be helpful to u in private servers where you get direct wraps to dungens in official server its gona be a leveling place mostly as u will burn the zeny in HP and SP stuffs
and dont forget the sign quest requirement to enter Geffenia!

If Geffenia starts To bore u off then try in Abbey level 2 its also a good exp place zeny will be very low here though

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Attitude Of The New World

Another Good quest is prerequisite for many other new world quest but the experience reward makes doing this quest worth while.
this quest gives experience in 2 parts
1st 1,500,000 base exp on completion
2nd 1,000,000 base exp when u give Rumis a Horn of Tendrilion.

This quest again is very well explained in irowiki

its a must do quest for new world as its a prerequisite for allowing u to travel in the new world maps without doing this quest the NPCs guarding the exit to Munak and Splendide wont allow you to exit the base expedition camp.

while doing this quest killing monsters will be little hard as these monsters are pretty strong

killing 30 Pinguicula will be easy but be careful if they are in mob they can easily kill you

while killing Cornus will be a nightmare as they use Full heal as their HP drop near 40-50%
but their casting is little slow so if u can finish them before they heal it will be best for You 
one more trouble you will have with those Cornus is it uses reflect level 10 so hitting it will be hitting you hard as well and to make it harder it does high damage and has lot of HP to take damage!!!!

i tried the quest on alchemist now genetic and Guillotine Cross it was easy for me on both for Genetic just Acid Demonstration (AD) it as its high VIT monster it will die in one AD.
and for Guillotine Cross just use a EDP n get a shadow property katar and hide and Grimtooth it it will die very fast.

and for killing those tendrilion again be careful it does high damage and that to very fast

The good part for one can be That the monsters required to kill for Rumis you just need the items that he want you don't actually need to kill those monsters
But for his brother Terris its not the same for Him u need to kill those monsters explicitly

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Onwards to the New World

This is the first Quest one needs to do when he want to visit the new world maps.
This quest is prerequisite for many other quest and give very good exp also!

The quest is very well explained in Irowiki

The quest is little lenghty and last part can be little hard
you will need 300 jellopy , 1 Emerald , 1 Ruby Both the Gems can be bought in lightzalen jeweler

the hardest part of the quest will be killing 50 Mobsters in 15 mins they will be scattered on the full map so it can be hard to get them in the time limit.
Normal attacks seem to miss on them even with 300 hit.

Best way to kill them will be either use magic or critic i tried both magic n critic both are fast enough to kill them.

another way for rune knight can be use their magic enchant after that you wont miss on them.

the sage endows won't help i tried endows also for me only the above 3 ways worked out.
In the step 16 where u have to talk to Munkenro this trick can save your 5-10 mins of walking

here as u can see in this picture you can talk to him from the hill little adjcent to the one on which Munkeno is standing so wou wont have to walk to him.

Making Zeny in New world maps

Zeny in new world maps is more easy then mid guard even for low rate servers as Few Monsters drop quite costly items very frequently.

If you want to make like 1 mil in 10-15 mins Take a ranger and equip it with wind arrows.

Go to Brasillis Dungeon 2. Here Hunt for Piranha and Iara. Both will die Mostly in One Double Strafe Depending on your equips

Piranha Drops Fishermen's dagger which can be sold to npc @10k
and Iara Drops Witherless rose and crystal mirror both can be sold to NPC at high prices

The Basic trick to get zeny fast will be Overcharging the items using a merchant

BE CAREFUL while Hunting in this Map as there is a MVP named Biotata here.
this mvp is Fire Type and has Headless Mules as slaves.
Headless Mules
those mules also have high chances of dropping Full Plate.
Note:- both the monsters drop one item each which can be vended at very high prices!!!!!!!!!

I will Update More places as i Find .

Lord Kaho's Horn Quest

Lord Kaho's Horns is one of the best head gear u can get in new world RO (The server i play).
A special headgear created specifically for Lord Kaho ... Whoever he is.
STR + 5, INT + 5
VIT + 10, AGI + 10
LUK + 20, MDEF + 10
Def 5
Weight 10
Class Upper Headgear
Lord Kaho's Horns

The quests is quite simple just you will need to gather tons of items which are hard and mostly all are mvp drops.

To start the quest simply talk to the Lord Kaho's servant He is in the north west of the prontera square.
Lord Kaho Horn's

He will ask for these items

  • 15 Emperium
  • 1 Skull From Dark Lord
  • 1 Heroic Emblem from Orc Hero
  • 1 Evil Horn From Baphomet
  • 1 Red Frame From Doppelganger
  • 1 Smoking Pipe From Eddga
  • 1 Fang Of Gram From Gram
  • 1 Mother's Nightmare From Maya
  • 1 Sphynx Hat From Osiris
  • 1 Diamond Ring From Mistress
Note :- Its not necessary u get item from MVP only u can get item from any other source if u have like Red Frame is also Dropped by Dark Frame .

He will ask for these dolls also

  • Poring Doll
  • Chonchon Doll
  • Baphomet Doll
  • Osiris Doll
  • Rocker Doll
  • Apez fanitem (Yoyo) Doll
  • Racoon Doll
  • Spore Doll
With all these item he will ask for 10 million zeny.

with all these collected just talk to the NPC he will Give you your  Lord Kaho's Horn.

New world

The major addition to ragnarok after Juno is the new world. one needs to do many quests to get there and to be able to move in maps from there.
New world initially comes with 2 cities
  • Splendide
  • Manuk

Then in further episodes these are expanded ahead as the expedition goes on its search in the new worldand the cities
  • Brasillis
  • El Dicastes
To access New world we need to do the "Onwards to the new world" quest and to be able to talk to npc in the new world cities other then expedition camp we need to do the quest "Ring of wise king" and get the accessory equiping which we can talk to npc in the new world.

and this is yet expanding with the new world came 3rd jobs which are way to powerful and are really there was a need as the new world monsters are very powerful.

The new cities come with many new monsters and dungens and lots of new items

I will give detail of all the new world items,quests,monsters in this section