Saturday, May 1, 2010

New world

The major addition to ragnarok after Juno is the new world. one needs to do many quests to get there and to be able to move in maps from there.
New world initially comes with 2 cities
  • Splendide
  • Manuk

Then in further episodes these are expanded ahead as the expedition goes on its search in the new worldand the cities
  • Brasillis
  • El Dicastes
To access New world we need to do the "Onwards to the new world" quest and to be able to talk to npc in the new world cities other then expedition camp we need to do the quest "Ring of wise king" and get the accessory equiping which we can talk to npc in the new world.

and this is yet expanding with the new world came 3rd jobs which are way to powerful and are really there was a need as the new world monsters are very powerful.

The new cities come with many new monsters and dungens and lots of new items

I will give detail of all the new world items,quests,monsters in this section

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