Friday, May 7, 2010

Shadow Chaser leveling spots

So The 3rd jobs are out and for stalker it is Shadow chaser and for the bards its Minstrel

Both the characters rock and have a very big skill tree for the skill tree refer its given there for all characters.

Shadow chaser doesn't have much offensive skills but like its old job it can copy a skill of the 3rd jobs too using the skill reproduce.
The skill copied through reproduce will go as u re-log so be sure u have a friend to give u skills back.

Get a friend minstrel and copy his skill Severe Rainstorm. this skill is great hits like all in the screen(11x11)
but consume 120 sp requires a bow equipped and 20 arrows each cast will fail if u have less arrows.

After we have the skill now we can choose any of the place i tired random places but exp was not good enough or i was dieing very fast there.

Then i tried the magma dungeon 2 decent place with a very big mob take crystal and silver arrows both there
for night mare terror use silver arrows for others use crystal arrows just collect a mob and use severe rainstorm the mob will die in 1-3 rainstorms depending on your dex and equips.

To stay alive get a decent flee of like 250 else no chance one will survive there and take fly wings if you are about to die just Teleport using  fly wing

Other way can be copy rangers skill arrow storm n try killing in Thor's dungeon 1.

one more option my personal favorite is getting high attack and Genetic skill Crazy Weed and then hunting in Geffenia. the experience is decent and the zeny earning here is very high.

Happy leveling i will keep on searching more n update here in Leveling section


  1. i need the info that which 3-3 class is good for woe and pvp!!!

  2. all classes have their pros and cons it depends on your game play at the end.

    see all classes and choose the one which appeals u most at the end its always your interest.

  3. u told about this char lvling spot was suggestios r u can copy the skill fire walk and go t abbey 3 and lvl easily.. u should use the stats 120 int rest vit it wil be fine

  4. Thanks for the suggestion i will test them and put them in guide as soon as possible

  5. i have tried and lvled my shadow chaser.... even u can try that....