Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorcerer leveling guide

Sorcerer are currently the biggest benefiter from the 3rd job they got a very huge update many new things for them.

For skill description and Elemental Spirits description see this link

They got Max AOE (Area Of Effect) skills now and they control now 5 elements Fire, Wind , Water, Earth, Poison.

The have elemental spirits that aid them in battles there skill vacuum extreme Can stop any thing at a distance from them.

with there new skills and ability they can now even Go for solo leveling and mvping without any fear.

Leveling them will be best at Abbey 03 for Necromancers Vacuum Extreme them and then use all your powerful magic to kill them.

Additionally Now you can travel in the New world kill monster in Munak field 3 they are powerful but will be easy for u with Vacuum Extreme.

You will be the fastest to level to 120 for sure and if played well can be the best character for woe and pvp.

Still haven't tested those Elemental spirits they are yet to Come on the server i play rest Sorcerer Totally Rock!!!

Reader's suggestions:-

Additionally you can also try using fire walk skill in abbey this skill has a very high damage and the monsters following you will take very high damage from it but using this trick be careful as if those monsters get near you they can kill you fast so have flywings handy every time.

thanks for the suggestion :)


  1. is very easy to kill necromancers with soccer . without vacum it also very easy just use the fire walk skill from 3-3 job then walk near them they hit themselves and die due to masive damage given by it.

    2.if is very pro in playing that char or knows very well in killing the mvps and other things can go to thor 3 and kill salamenders the problems in thor is bow guardian , sword gaurdian and byrouge at their sige just tp .

  2. Will try that necromancer hunting with fire walk and add it to the guide

    thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply was out for holidays

    and for hunting in thors 3 u have to be very lucky as those guardians and salamanders and kasa have ranged spells and attacks and if we go in a range they cast them like fire ball of salamander if u go without ifrit armor and get 3-4 salamader they will most probably kill u using fire balls
    and bow guardians have ranged attacks and sword guardians have spear boomerang that kills in one hit

  3. swt pj the fire ball of salamanders damge is very low like 1000... they dont keep on doing the same skill often so dont worry about that....

  4. when i tried there i got a damage of 5k per fireball and all the salamander casted it once on me when they saw me.

  5. PJ use shield with alice card in thir..u wil hardly take any damage as all the monsters ther are mini bosses...n i think that vaccume+cloud kill+diamon dust +venom combo is realy amazing.....n if u wana go for walk build then it is better to take summon ventus skill and use spirit summon lvl 2 which increases ur movement speed like crazy.....ned help with socerer equips..