Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New world Ro Rocking back

Sorry for updating things after a long time here was busy leveling up my chars n making my guild on the server :) .

Now Nwro is up but still many of the players ask me if the server is on or not may be they are reading my blog and i haven't made any post here so here it goes

the server is on n rocking in a week(excluding initial 1 week of testing) 20 players playing n other downloading ragray which is quite time consuming!

here are the download links to the server.
Nwro miniclient

Once you have downloaded both of them install ragray and patch it  after installing using ragray.exe and after that run init.exe in the ragray folder  a balck screen will apper n vanish in a sec.
then extract mini client using 7zip.(please use 7zip its open source software n extract .7z correctly other zipping utilities leave some files in the 7z!)

After the Client is ready click here to register and start rocking!!!
and any support u need please feel free to visit the forums.  best of luck for leveling n enjoy the game!!!