Thursday, May 20, 2010

Levelling a Bard (story of my bard)

Sever – New world Ragnarok (NWRO)
Char name – carl jones
Sex- male
Job- Bard

Firstly the main stat as a bard for you will be dex.

And for levelling I prefer agi more then vit.

Start the new char with
 9 dex
 9 int
 9 agi.

Go through the novice ground as a novice get job 10.

Then go to the archers guild change to an archer

Once an archer you will get a bow from archer guild and some arrows too
Equip it go out to Payon field kill some willows and poring and get some job levels

If u have a wraper around go to Morroc and go to the south Morroc field it has better experience.
When you have double strafe level 10 go to payon back buy some silver arrows and go to payon dungeon kill all the monsters you get here with double strafe. Keep autoloot on if u have it on your server. This place will be great experience as well as great zeny .kill here till lvl 45 by this time you will have nearly 500k+ zeny accumulated.

When you are  level 45 go to einbroch and go to field north of it(einbiroch field 4).and get fire arrows for here .kill geographers here they will be one of the best experience you will get in this level adnd you can easily kill them too the trouble here will be when more then 1 geographers are together they will heal other with lvl 5 each and heal amount of 1045 each time and that will get you in trouble as your Sp will be very low at the current level.

If you have done the job platinum skills then you will have charge arrow one of the best skill at this condition just charge arrow those geographers which are healing your target . and they will be pushed back 4 cells every time and hence get you time to kill your target. Kill those Metalings to here as they will be the source of your zeny here.

In many servers you can sell the level 5 healing scrolls they can also be addition to you money(Zeny).
When you are near level 66 you will be job 50 of archer now its time that we change our job to bard and fulfil our destiny.

Once you are near level 80 its time we venture and collect basic equipments.

First head to Payon dungeon 2 here kill those archer skeletons and get your Apple of archer best head gear +3 dex

Once you have it now go to morroc pyramids and go to level 3 of pyramid and get yourself 2 gloves killing mummies here.

Buy your slef a gakkung as soon as you can it will help a  lot latters and you damage will be pretty good with

Once you have obtained gloves and aoa you can also try to get a broch additionaly hunt in Geffen dungen 3 and be carefull of the doppelganger here he will kill you instant. Seek for nightmares here n kill them the loot will be wonderful you will get lots of blue herbs and blue potions and ordicons save them they can get you again lots of zeny.

In addition you have chances of getting infiltrator the best katar for the assassin class for pvp.
Save them too you can get a very good deal of zeny for those with assasssins.

You can try to venture in spinx dungen as well this place is also good for zeny and card hunting also kill here Zernom they drop 2 things of your  intrest first they drop panite you will need those if you want to go for high flee and that is also required in leveling. And second there card +3 dex in accessory. Save them they are the best zeny gainer for you and even usefull for you to achieve high damage.
When you have the painte and are not much interested in the card then leave for lvl 4 of the same dungen here hunt pasana get crystal arrows or they wont die get a undershirt from pasana.
And once again this place will be best zeny again pasana will drop stellios and undershirt falcion and their card which is also a good zeny item.

Now till this much you will surely be between level 85~90. Now its up to you fast levelling or more zeny. If leveling is you concern then level in the spinx dungen 4 only it will be good zeny and good levleing killing Anibus here but be sure you don’t let them come near you keep charge arrow handy here.

And if you want adventure then pack your bag with silver arrows we are going hidden dungen if you have a wraper to level 3 of the dungeon then it your luck else its gona be a mind fucking walk to level 3.
Here kill any thing you get and teleport on the sight of Baphomet don’t even think to have a chat with this guy he is mean very mean. This place will get you yggardsil berries and fruits and they will be best to keep for personal use or to sell out for high zeny.

Additionally you will find here many mini bosses too kill them for sure.

I was wandering around and met with Ghostring good I went to job level 50 as a archer and took arrow shower as well in skills he will clock a lot and use arrow shower to get him out and keep killing him.

You won’t believe how lucky I was when I went hidden dungeon I got Ghostring there waiting for me killed  it and i even used a berry while killing It but it paid off I got a giant wishper card here and let me tell you this card gonna fetch me 10 mil at least and while hunting for gloves I was lucky enough to get 2 mummy cards enough of the luck was with me I made level 90 bard at the end with stuff worth 25 mil at least and that too in some 6 hours it was one lucky day for me.

And keep your guard on and keep hunting these poring evolved monsters card are very precious and very useful.
I will always suggest being an adventure and venture far as the more you go further the better the results will be.
Had more time in the day left but cannot play more today as I m leaving for a holiday out of the town will continue this as soon as I come back from Delhi .
And will surely make it aura and then reborn it as soon as possible and will update the adventure here.
And thanks for reading this big guide and adventure of mine J.

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