Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tahadi Knight Leveling Guide

sexy kinght
After giving the Knight quest if u gave at job 40 as swords man then you will be near level 60 or if you became knight at job level 50 then you will be around level 65.

60 or 65 first we need are some basic job levels for getting fast at killing

you can go 2 ways from here either 2 handed swords man or a spear swordsman

till date all the swordsman i have seen 2handed swords man are agi knight and spear swords man are vit knights.

this guide will be for 2 handed swordsman

get a good weapon if u dont have elemental will be best and fastest else get a 2 handed sword from izlude weapon shop.

level 60-65 kill in hode map again n get 2 handed quicken skill it will be best if u have fire elemental sword then you can go in the sand man map also but take good quantity with you.

level 65-70 now the best place are 2 you can try in bablyan dungen marse map or try the toy factory level 2
take some pots with you it will be handy and be carefull of merman and stormy knight(MVP) have wings to run in emergencies. after level 70 you can explore the orc dungen level 2 or the west orcs but going for west orcs a water elemental weapon and lots of potions are recommended.

level 70-80 high orc are still good exp but adventures people can try to hunt in sphinx dungen for minorus mummy or after 75 try isis they will be one of the hardest n take lots of potions.
if you own a wind sword then you can also try babylan dungen swordfish map if lucky ehough u might get a marc or a sword fish card. agin potion will be handy

if you are using blowing bash then take some sp items too with you make a mob n grind the enemies to death withg blowing bash elemental weapon strategy is recommended.

other then leveling after level 70 you can also try hunting for equips and zeny.
Bablyan will be great zeny with saints robe[1] n heart of mermaids fin helm sword fish marc marsh cards
other good places can be hunting in mummy maps for gloves or in payon dungen for apple of archers or in the shoee map for her card and muffler[1] and authoritative badges and munaks for shoe[1].

will update here more as i level my knight :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thadai Knight finaly :)

Finally made a knight in tahadi RO :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swordsman leveling guide

Hi, i recently joined a official server some 4 years gap

and well as i always start with swordsman on every low rate server here i am with my holyknight in tahadi RO.

basic leveling from novice will be killing drops, porings,lunatic and what ever u can kill to get job 10.

go change to swordsman click here.

leveling swordsman will be same killing porings,drops etc to get 10 skill points.
get level 10 bash and go to payon dungeon level 1 and bash all the monsters present there this place is decent exp and good zeny too get here like some level 25-30.

then get 2 maps down from payon in wolf map there kill wolfs they are best exp and there card is good while leveling too! level here till like level 45-50.

after level 50 try to kill in prt_fild10 savage map gr8 exp or u can try killing in orc dungen or desert wolf map try to be in these map till u job change to knight if u are changing at job 40 else venture little more in goblin maps geffen fild 11 and prontera field 11 kill here till job 50. Be sure to have lots of healing items!

new server :)

my swordman in tahdai RO :)