Thursday, August 19, 2010

New World RO is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

To all my fellow players i am so happy to tell you all that this sunday 22/08/2010
New World RO will be started back! so get ready for the leveling FUN be sure you have your party and guild members ready! if not you have 3 days to get things done!!!!!!

all whether from any part of the world are invited to join and find a new virtual home!

Last Edit 20/08/2010 10:48 PM

here is the link to new world RO forums we will get the new client for nwro here only
and till the miniclient is given plz make sure you have ragray from installed n updated as New world RO will have the latest episode same as KRO :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New World RO coming back

Hi guys and gals so here is the good news back [GM] Kakashi is bringing back new world RO.

But this time he is asking first how many are realy willing to join if there are enough people he will start back nwro.

and if anyone ask y start if there are enough players?
well i have the answer
he will be paying money from his pocket once again its near about Rs 12,000. to get the server back and as all know nwro has no donation n other stuff its totaly free for players :)

so reply back fast either by commenting here or in nwro orkut community and get back the best server back :)

Edited 16/8/2010 10:30 pm IST :-
In a recent chat with [GM] Kakashi he has informed that he is very happy to see the players response and is working his best to get the server up soon.
if the things work out good then Nwro will be up n running by this Sunday or before it.
And it will be a fresh start this time.

Edited 18/8/2010 7:30PM IST
ok here is short list of those ready for nwro currently. the list i have compiled form comments on my blog,orkut scraps(mine and rajdeep's),facebook comments sorry if i have missed out any names n do notify me i will add it as soon as possible!!!

  1. pankaj
  2. mohsin
  3. Naveen
  4. tejas
  5. mohan
  6. bhavya
  7. Ivar
  8. varun
  9. tina
  10. sanchit
  11. sunny (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  12. rahul (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  13. vinit
  14. sunil
  15. jaat
  16. deepak
  17. jack
  18. omkar(zeiss)
  19. alleria
  20. parshi
  21. sadik
  22. maruthees
  23. ranjith(gogeta)
  24. vinoth
  25. grace
  26. avtar
  27. Dhruv (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  28. richeek (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  29. manphul (he will come but only some time as he is now back to hostel)
  30. baal (Daniel)
  31. badal
  32. aniket
  33. nikhil

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tahadi RO Gone Mad ->"will it be back to normal?"

After a 2 days ban on Indians with 6 other more countries as The GM said now again a post has came from GMs side

Quote Originally Posted by GM 7arbi 

Good news, our management is currently discussing and making negotiations to solve this problem in a more controlled manner.
We will keep you updated of any progress and final decisions.

Thank you for your patience

Now all i ask back is will the negotiation finaly be end of the episode or it will be only a settler for the topic as far as i think the game will get boring for the one playing there as players from 7 Countries are removed in 1 shot and that will make a big difference!!!!
and what i feel this step of reconsideration is only to keep the intreset of the not banned countries in the game as people will evently leave if the game gives no competition or honor in playing it.
lets see what the future hold in there but as the saying goes a broken glass & Heart can never be repaired COMPLETELY!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tahadi RO Gone Mad 3

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I'll be replying from my own knowledge in networking, not representing GMs in any way.

Quote Originally Posted by Narr 
Look, a regular player bypassed your protection, do you think a professional hacker *zeny sellers* can't ?

it's probably easy as 123 for them.

it's appreciated what you're doing to maintain order and to protect us MENA players, but you're not doing it right :/
If someone is smart enough to use certain services to bypass region blocks then good for them, it's just the very minute any abusers (zenny sellers and others) end up using the same service then that service's IP range will also get blocked :S

Quote Originally Posted by Samarth123 
give us the abuses we did.. you say indians bot... Do you have any pinpoint proof that the botter is an indian or a german or an arab?? nope u dont..!!

you are aggressive to zeny sellers and spam bots.. so ban them.. why us??
Of course they won't have proof on the nationality of the person himself, but they do have proofs of from where the person is playing.

It's sad to see it has come to the point of banning regions, but this isn't the first time I see whole regions get blocked from a certain service because of increased abusing coming from that region, yes it's an unfortunate side effect that regular users from the same region get blocked but this is the way I've seen it done in different places.


I noticed there are people who think they're behind some big shield of anonymity that they admitted they use bots, had to ban those from forum. Also talking about bypassing services in detail is kind of sensitive in MENA so I'll have to edit some posts in here.
أسفل كل مشاركة ستجد زر مثلث داخله ! ، اضغطه عندما تجد مشاركة سيئة.

we have got the answer thank you Mr. cypher !!!!!!!!!!!

and to all my friends who's country got banned here is solution from our old server [GM] Kakashi -->Hotspot Shield 1.47 is ready made solu. but its temp.

Tahadi RO Gone Mad 2

here is another post from the GM of tahadi
now what will you guys say
i have only one point left after this leave the god damn server and play some where else

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Our apologies for the inconvenience

Just to clear things up

We stated countless times the following facts (you can search the forums if you like):

* We are open to players who are outside from MENA region however we are not allowed to give them support of any kind, yet we would give technical support regardless
* We stated so many times that if we notice abuse coming from countries that outside from MENA region we would block them immediately
* We are very aggressive when it comes to zeny sellers and spam bots

So far we blocked 7 countries and 2 regions

And if we notice further abuse we will keep blocking, this includes countries that host VPN services and DataCenters that are used for abuse.

And we will develop our systems to be more accurate and error free and to be extremely aggressive to any abuse of any kind.

Tahadi RO Gone Mad

Quote Originally Posted by GM 7arbi 
We implemented a new security system the block MAC addresses for individuals and regional IPs for the masses if the servers are getting abused, this abuse includes:
* Robots
* Illegal Applications in general

I'm not allowed to disclose more data, but if you and your friends can't connect that means your region have been perma blocked, and there is no way to unblock it.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would take any extreme measures necessary to insure a high quality standard to MENA and North Africa users.

Thank you"

well what can anyone say The server banned full Indian ISP 
only 1 question to them Do they got Indians so much bugging or other people who bot from other countries don't make problem to them.
Any ways its a good bye from me to tahadi ro made few friends n will miss them form my RO life
and to others who are not from middle east and North Africa be careful you can be next to get your country banned cause some of you may be using SO called illegal applications!
I will suggest all those who read this to play in some regional server Tahadi wont be there for other region n m getting a nasty feeling all other then tahadi regional area will get banned!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mage leveling Guide

cute mage
Mage can be one of the easiest to level at starting and hardest at the end levels.
while making a mage be sure of 1 thing what will be its 2nd job after a mage a Wizard or a Sage as the skills you will be taking will depend on it.
Here i will give for both
1st as a sage

when making a mage considering sage firstly you need all your bolt skills maxed and then get the frost diver too it  will help a lot laters in leveling.
first get level 10 firebolt and go to the savage babe map just kill them using firebolt considering your level near 15-20 they should die easy.

after that once you have int of some 30-35 try rockers they are also good exp kill them n try to kill poporings too if you are not able to kill them in one shot try hit and run method just cast firebolt and make sure you are far enough from the target and run for your life in the opposite direction as casting is finished and then come back when the monster is out of view and is not following you and finish him off they will be great exp or rather the best exp at this level. after the rocker are done you will be fairly level 25-30 here.

near to level 30 go to the wolf map 2 down from payon kill those wolfs with fire bolt again they will die easy n are good exp and are in a very big number so great exp per hour. kill snakes and spore too it will add up to your exp.

near to level 40-45 its time to change place to level as wolf wont be so good after all now try the map 2 down from morroc the muka and hode field (In tahadi as its at episode 8 hodes are here on this map still ) kill those hodes with firebolt and it the damage was less then 2200 run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!

hodes will be great exp and kill muka also here muka drop cactus needles and they can be sold to any assassin cross easily so it wont be bad to earn while you learn :) .

now killing hodes you can get to some where like level 50 easily n they will be still good exp.

when hodes start to suck at exp you will be like near job level 40 easily and might have all your bolt skills and frost diver now leveling is tricky here but if you can arrange a smokie card it will be fun again. we will be again doing hit and run sort of trick go to the goat map down from juno or try the grand pecos choose the correct element spell cast on them n use the hide skill to hide from them then again keep doing the same till the target is eliminated it will be boring but exp will be worth it at the end.  i will suggest getting job level 50 here .

and the main thing while maing a mage its best to have it at job level 50 as the magician class is all about skills!!!!!

now the wizard part leveling them will be almost the same as was for sage mage but the skill set will differ most wizard dont go for max bolt skills they try the other way out with the frost diver they get it to use it with combo of jupital thunder this trick rocks for leveling a wizard. but mage leveling will be almost the same just you will have to check monster after hode map will update it soon :) .