Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rune Knight MVP

While MVPing if u have a wraper to those Maps then YOu can even defeat MVPs like Ifrit, Beelzebub, Valkyrie Randgris, Kiel, etc...... all have very High melee attack you can use them against them and solo those mvp's

death bound them to death and u can have your reward.

this way of Mvping will be like self suicide but you will get the MVP killed in 6-7 tries mostly

this will only be usefull if u have wraps available to those mvps else you will get nothing out of it

and also make sure u have @autoloot else the mvp will die and u will also die with it many times and will have nothing other then to cry as you cannot Get the lots they were dropped on the map and its totally your luck you can reach them or not.


  1. BB mvp cant be killrd in RK i have tried that even other mvps like wounded mvp takes long time to kill ..... i checked this 2 mvps damage was very less and others kill us very fast then mvp....

  2. I have tried BB i killed in 3 times in a single day i had 10 bloddy branches which summoned for me 3 BB 2 ifrit and some other MVP i cleared all those 10 mvps in some 2 hours and i feel that will be quite fast each BB took less then 10 mins and ifrit took some 25 mins as it did earthquake at my sight after it reached 40%HP.
    and for others samurai specter died in 1 death bound reflect!

  3. nice tries da then i wil check it again so i can kill them

  4. thanks and if you get any problem tell us so we can get some more better MVPing tricks

  5. nice pj it was working aganist BB but took time in the map.. better hunt that mvp in soccer is best ...