Friday, May 7, 2010

Cat Hand Group Fishing spots

When we were doing the Cat Hand Group quest you must have noticed that Gorurug says their are better chances of fishing out side the town.

i was wandering in the spl_fild02 when i noticed something in the water and what you know it was a school of fish for fishing then i ventured more in the place i noticed more of them didn't had much time today so ventured near the entrance portal only here is the list of fishing spots i found till now (coordinates)


  • 41,118

  • 321,169
  • 326,171
  • 314,165

  • 292,253
  • 268,230

i will update this list if i find more wandering in those fields.
and sorry i cannot give snap shots of these location as there are many on those field and it wont be feasible to give screenshots of all.
Any way i can give a handy tip here when wandering in Splendide fields just keep your eyes on the water if you find something back in middle then u have spotted your fishing ground.

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