Monday, May 10, 2010

Cat Hand Group Mining spots

Mining spots for Cat hand group are located on the Munak fields.(All 3 Munak fields)
but they appear at random but fixed places on the map but only one spot remains unhidden at a time when u have mined from that spot it will hide and a spot next to it will get unhidden so that u can go mining in a straight line fashion.

the trick here is just keep watching the crystal coming out of ground in the Munak fields they are your mining spots and when you found one just follow the trail of the crystals coming out of ground.


  1. So , what are the special items you get?

  2. you get elemental ores like red blood and all

    but by chances u can get unidentified mineral rest i have got nothing special here mostly i get stones :(

  3. the unidentified mineral is for the 'Ring of the Wise King' quest