Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rune Knight PVP

While PVP ur biggest enemy will be warlocks and sorcerers their magic is killing if you don't have proper gears.

Always Have magic enchant On this will help a lot it adds damage to you attack based on Int so with 60-70 int u can have a very good damage

when battling warlocks and sorcerer  Berkana will be great help it will summon for you 5 Millenium Shield which can take 5 attack or 5 hits from any attack magic or melee that will be your only chance to reach them and kill them. Here Crush Strike can be Your one Shot killer. read Rune Knight Rune's for more information.

for Melee Char like Guillotine Cross death Bound trick will be great. they will die of their own attack reflect. For other chars you will have to be little tricky.

Sonic wave, Hundred spears are great addition to spear type Lord knight's they can have their Old skills Like Spiral pierce with these new one to rock in pvp.

Your High Hp will always Help you here.

Mostly you can finish Your opponents with Crush Strike so be sure you have enough runes.
For ranger try to endure to him and finish him fast with crush strike he will fire arrows @ 190 apsd and arrow storm and fear breeze will be deadly for you.

Be care full From mechanics and be sure to finish Your battle as fast as possible with Royal Guard as time pass they will get more deadly.

Royal Guard will be quite a head ache for you they wont die easy and when used crush strike you will die in reflect it self.

Try your skills and Rune as max char's in game now have ranged attacks and will try to finish You at range.

will try to get more things in PVP and post here soon .

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  1. nice tips man... thx !
    hope you can upload a few video to elaborate on this. ^_^