Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guillotine Cross Poison Making Information

The new class of assassin cross is Guillotine cross for the skill tree of Guillotine cross u can search google for it or just try this link

The Guillotine cross uses various of poisons to counter his enemies and they are very powerful too
here i will tell all the items required for making new poisons and the best available hunting places for them

Research Poison

Prereq: None (Basic Guillotine Cross Skill)
Type: Passive
Desc: Allows creation of new poisons. Higher levels of the skills unlocks new types of poisons and increases the probability of success. It is necessary to have medicine bowl and a poison creation kit. these items will be used up 1 each try!

[Level 1] : Success Rate 35% / Paralize - Ingredients: 20 Poison Toad Skin, 1 Amoena
[Level 2] : Success Rate 40% / Pyrexia - Ingredients: 20 Anolian Skin, 1 Lantana
[Level 3] : Success Rate 45% / Disheart - Ingredients: 10 Decayed Nail, 1 Celatom
[Level 4] : Success Rate 50% / Leechend - Ingredients: 1 Scoforia, 1 Nerium
[Level 5] : Success Rate 55% / Antidote - Ingredients: 2 Green Herbs, 1 Blue Herb, 1 White Herb
[Level 6] : Success Rate 60% / Venombleed - Ingredients: 10 Sticky Poison, 1 Isildor
[Level 7] : Success Rate 65% / Magic Mushroom - Ingredients: 10 Poison Spore, 1 Makulrata
[Level 8] : Success Rate 70% / Toxin - Ingredients: 10 Sticky Poison, 1 Nerium
[Level 9] : Success Rate 75% / Oblivioncurse - Ingredients: 10 Mermaid Heart, 1 Isildor
[Level 10] : Success Rate 80% / -

Create Poison

Prereq: Research New Poison 1
Type: Active
Desc: Creates a new poison. Presents a list of poisons you can make with your current items.

A paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, decreases attack speed by -10%, evasion -10%, and movement speed by 1/2.
Weight: 2

A poison that causes a high fever.
For 300 seconds, causes incurable blindness and causes the player to see illusions. Sometimes causes 100 damage which can interupt casting of skills.
Weight: 2

A poison that slows healing.
For 300 seconds, drops the effectiveness of recovery on the target by 20%.
This effect stacks with critical wounds.
Weight: 2

Leech End
A poison created with leeches.
For 300 seconds, drains HP every second.
Weight: 2

Venom Bleed
A poison that lowers the strength of a person.
For 15 seconds, reduces MaxHP by 15%.
Weight: 2

Magic Mushroom
A poison made with the dillusional effects of magic mushrooms.
For 300 seconds, every 4 seconds you lose 3% of your HP and involuntarially cast a random skill.
Weight: 2

A nerve paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, every 3 seconds it causes the damage motion on your character, interrupting any skills. Skills not interrupted do not receive the effects of your weapon or cards.
Weight: 2

Oblivion Curse
A poison that causes loss of memory.
For 300 seconds causes the target to suffer from amnesia. While in amnesia it blocks natural SP recovery, and cannot be canceled via lex divinia or green potion. While in this status you cannot use any skills.
Weight: 2

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