Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas To All in Advance

Merry Christmas to all & do check out the Christmas event in nwro. nwro Christmas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

KRO Maintenance(11/24/2010) and Episode Zero-Malangdo Island!

Special Thanks to Rytech and Ai4rei for this update :) With This Maintenance Biggest new is that KRO is now Free to play don't have any idea about whether it will be still only for Koreans.

and gravity also introduced a npc buffer from some time though :P.

and the Idea to implement tombstones for MVPs is great we can know whether a MVP is alive or dead here is the link to picture of tombstone

the new rune knight sprite are here
rune knight

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rune Knight new artdesign by gravity

looks good but i think gravity prefers less clothes for the female sprites :p
rune knight

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nwro Hosting changed

All players please use this new mini client; (Better use 7z to unzip the files).

Due to recent changes (Shifting of Host in there are a lot of changes in the clients, while you can not connect with the old client, we recommend that you update to this client as soon as possible.

New mini client

All players are requested to update their ragray till October'2010 patch.

N.B. - Players who can not update their ragray, download this rdata.grf and overwrite your old rdata.grf.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

War of Emperium resumes in nwro!


Finaly today i.e. Wednesday, November 10,2010 5:30 IST War of Emperium also know as WOE will be started back hope your guild is ready for the fight & fun of the life time!

Be sure you get your guild ready in nwro today

and regular WOE timings are

Wednesday 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Sunday 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Note: all time are in IST( Indian Standard time!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Legend of Victoria Regia

 Try All these quests at NWRO.

The Legend of Victoria Regia

You must complete "Bathroom Blonde Quest" to start this quest.

The Legend Victoria Regia Quest rewards you with a Lotus Flower Hat headgear. This Quest is a story of Jasita who is in love with Jaci who she thinks is the moon. Jaci is the guardian of the legend of Vitoria Regia.

Start the The Legend of Victoria Regia Ragnarok Quest by speaking with the Botanist named Karmen (Brasilis 203 286). Answer her with pretty interesting story. She leads you to Wiser Marta if you are interested in Water Lilies.


Wiser Marta (Brasilis Inn, 142 27) is on the second floor left room of Brasilis Inn (Brasilis Inn, 142 27). Listen to her story about naia and the moon



Bathroom Blonde

 Visit NWRO to learn more

Bathroom Blonde

Bathroom Blonde Quest is actually the Entrance to Brasilis Dungeon Quest, this Quest is actually unraveling the story of the Bathroom Blonde ghost.

Start the Bathroom Blonde Ragnarok Quest by speaking with a group of kids (brasilis 183, 245) in the middle of Brasilis. Speak with the group of 4 Kids in Brasilis. Speak with Mariana and the kids will tell you about the story of a ghost in a bathroom of Brasilis Museum.


Ask about the gossip and Fedro will tell about the magic spell. Make sure to take note of this. If you did not keep track of the spell, you can speak with Fedro[or Pedro] once more.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Poring Ball

Awsome Football game made for Ragnarok Online,
with a poring as a ball. Skill that cannot be used in War of Emperium cannot be used in the PoringBall map (such as Ice Wall, Teleport, and Warp Portal are prohibited). The TaeKwon skills Sprint and Leap also cannot be used. The PoringBall game follow War of Emperium mechanics rather than PVP mechanics. You have to shoot the ball in opponent goal while staying alive.



Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Diwali event

Happy Diwali to ALL my readers  :)
Pankaj Jain


From 31.10.2010 to 10.11.2010 there will be Double Exp and Double drop in nwRO.

Happy Diwali to all nwRO players.

nwRO [GM] Team.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweet Guarana

Sweet Guarana
Credits to [GM]Kakashi for the guide
Talk with the NPC Doceira in Brasilis 187,162


Talk with Cherto inside Brasilis museum, bra_in01 95,179


Finding Fairy

 The Smallest n the best exp giving quest i ever did! just talk with 3 npc n 2 level ups!
 Has Onward to the New World Quest as  Prerequisite.

Credits to IroRenewalWiki for the below guide
1.In Splendide Field 2, talk to the Small Fairy (spl_fild02 34,223).
Small Fairy.jpg
2. Back at the Midgard Camp, talk to the Camp Guard Captain (mid_camp 212,237).
Camp Guard Captain.jpg
3. In Manuk Field 3, talk to the Tree Giant (man_fild03 236, 105).
Tree Giant.jpg
4. Return to the Camp Guard Captain to tell him of the giant.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emperium Wars

 Latest nwro event
Emperium Wars event just awsome for the players who cant live without WOE, This is just a fun little gvg game, Any one person from 2 different guilds can play it. First guild to kill the other emp 5 times wins. Killing your own Emp takes away points.

Click on the Emperium War Portal


Register Your Guild and the Opponent Guild;


Ragnarok Martial Arts Dojo

Special and Latest addition in nwro!!!

Ragnarok Martial Arts Dojo

A long time ago, a legendary Grand Master of the Martial Arts built the first dojo in the World of Ragnarok. It has been handed down from generation to generation. To this day, it is owned by the great, great drandaughter, by the name of Grand Master Shin, of the legendary Master.


Martial Arts Belts


The belts color go by this order: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black.

The belts do NOT have any bonus stats besides defense. You can add them if you'd like.

You are only able to wear one belt at a time. It equips in the left accessory slot.

Each belt has a level cap. The better the belt, the higher level cap it has.

Battle Ground /Maroll Battle Recruiter

 Thanks [GM]Kakashi for making this guide.


Battlegrounds is a PVP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation. To enter the Battlegrounds atrium, speak to Maroll Battle Recruiter.



Installing Ragnarok on MAC

Ragnarok by default has no MAC version.

But for all the Apple fans out there we can still Run Ragnarok on your Mac machine.
Here is a short tutorial on how to do do.

what we are going to do is install Windows XP on the mac machine using Oracle's Virtual Box. Its open-source nad available for almost all operating systems.
After Windows XP is installed then its like a normal XP machine just install Ragnarok as you install it on your Windows XP machine.
Here is a video tutorial on how to install Windows XP on MAC using Virtual Box. and All Credits for the Video to Sunil my Friend.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dewata Item Details

To try all these plz tryNWRO once

Item Details:

Jati Crown
Jati Crown

Shining Cendrawasih Feather
Shining Cendrawasih Feather

Comodo Leather
Comodo Leather

Cendrawasih Feather
Cendrawasih Feather


Dewata Monster Details

These are information of the monsters in Dewata on players requests
Again thanks [GM]Kakashi for it


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Homunculus S skills

Credits [GM]Kakashi
There is No quest for Homunculus S just talk to the cat girl in room with an evolved (Possibly loyal) lvl 99 Homunculus and choose from menu.

when you talk to the cat girl npc, the first set of choices are:

I want a mutated homunculus.
I want to see the descriptions.

if you pick the top choice it asks which one, they are listed in this order:

All Homunculus S Skills has been released in nwro;

Summon Legion
Max Lv: 5
Desc: Summons an insect type monster to attack a single target. The higher the skill level, the stronger the insect monster that is summoned.
[Lv 1] SP Cost: 60 / Summons Hornet / Duration 20 seconds
[Lv 2] SP Cost: 80 / Summons Giant Hornet / Duration 30 seconds
[Lv 3] SP Cost: 100 / Summons Giant Hornet / Duration 40 seconds
[Lv 4] SP Cost: 120 / Summons Luciola Vespa / Duration 50 seconds
[Lv 5] SP Cost: 140 / Summons Luciola Vespa / Duration 60 seconds

Needle of Paralysis
Max Lv: 5
Desc: Stings a target with a powerful numbing poison, which causes poison element damage and causes the paralysis status effect.
While under the effect of paralysis, the target cannot move, takes longer to cast skills and has reduced defense. The duration of paralysis is reduced by VIT and Luk.
[Lv 1] SP Cost: 48 / Physical Damage 800% / Paralysis Chance 45%
[Lv 2] SP Cost: 60 / Physical Damage 900% / Paralysis Chance 50%
[Lv 3] SP Cost: 72 / Physical Damage 1000% / Paralysis Chance 55%
[Lv 4] SP Cost: 84 / Physical Damage 1100% / Paralysis Chance 60%
[Lv 5] SP Cost: 96 / Physical Damage 1200% / Paralysis Chance 65%

Poison Mist
Max Lv: 5
Desc: Disperses an arial toxin that affects all targets that enter. Deals poison element damage as well as causes blindness. You can only have one active at a time.
[Lv 1] SP Cost: 65 / Blind Chance 20% / Duration 12 seconds
[Lv 2] SP Cost: 75 / Blind Chance 30% / Duration 14 seconds
[Lv 3] SP Cost: 85 / Blind Chance 40% / Duration 16 seconds
[Lv 4] SP Cost: 95 / Blind Chance 50% / Duration 18 seconds
[Lv 5] SP Cost: 105 / Blind Chance 60% / Duration 20 seconds

Pain Killer
Max Lv: 5
Desc: Injects a target with a mild paralytic toxin, which delays the effects of damage taken. The delayed damage is also reduced. However it causes a side effect of lowering attack speed.
[Lv 1] SP Cost: 48 / Duration 20 seconds
[Lv 2] SP Cost: 52 / Duration 30 seconds
[Lv 3] SP Cost: 56 / Duration 40 seconds
[Lv 4] SP Cost: 60 / Duration 50 seconds
[Lv 5] SP Cost: 64 / Duration 60 seconds

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Renewal Phase II & Episode 14.2 Expansions

Thanks [GM]Kakashi for the hard work n digging out this inforation!

ENTER Renewal Continuation Phase II.

We're finally entering Phase II of the renewal developments, now most of clients and databases around the world have been either updated, or in the process of being updated soon. This was a very LONG process to see each country get stabilized so that going commercially would be a smooth transaction. I must say - I'm very proud of the development team pulling it off with such little mess ups.

Now things are alot more organized in the development pool.

SO what does Phase II contain?

Well mainly balancing issues, Bugs, and un-released 1st phases implementations. I don't want go into the details with the nitty gritty with Stats, HP changes, Aspd, etc. since it's still going to be tweaked around with till it's well stable. So for now - I'm gonna explain some new features and content that'll be release soon between the next few months.

The team have already had plans to develop a 2nd 2D layer that stacks on your character sprite, but this time, it'll be shown BELOW and ABOVE. The system for the new 2D Layer known as CROSS 2D, we can set the new sprites to appear Above or Under the character avatar in any given frame.

So whats the point of the new 2D Layer?

Simple - Players will now have more customizable options - In the Player INFO tab there will be another TabCostumes Equipment, in there a player will be able to change and rearrange accessories.

Heres a Sample of what you can expect


So yes in short - Wings, Bages, Accessories, Etc. will be added soon.

On our end we've been experimenting with more 32bit sprites looking to utilize this further - Players will be able to see some of these in the upcoming patches with our Mobs. I can't go into details why or what we're planning it for, but it's mainly to give you players a much richer experience.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Repeatable Exp quests!

People many times ask me how i manage to level so fast!
well here is the secret for all my readers!
The exp rates will differ as per your server rates these exps are of iRO Ymir

The following NPCs will give the player a choice of how many monsters they wish to hunt at a time. 50, 100, or 150 monsters can be hunted. EXP rewarded per kill is the same for all three amounts (i.e. Killing 100 monsters gives twice as much experience as killing 50).

Kill counts are shared among party members that are within the killer's screen range (The person who dealt the final blow must be viewable on your screen).

If the wrong option is accidently chosen, players can give up the quest and will lose all current progress, which allows the player to choose a different size of monster hunt.

Maximum experience gain for each 50-monster turn-in is 1 Base Level and 1 Job Level.

100 monster and 150 monster turn-in allows a maximum gain of 2 and 3 levels respectively.

The rewards listed are for killing FIFTY monsters. Double or triple this amount to calculate reward values for hunting 100 or 150 monsters.

Note: Homunculus and Mercenary kills will not increase your kill count!
Note: It is possible to keep the quest, become a Transcendent and collect the reward before the minimum level requirement

NPC ↓Location ↓Minimum Level ↓Maximum Level ↓Monster ↓Base EXP Reward (50) ↓Job EXP Reward (50) ↓Base EXP Per Monster ↓Job EXP Per Monster

Langry (gef_fild07 321, 193) 2 20 Fabre 1,155 90 23.1 1.8

Halgus (gef_fild04 191, 54) 2 20 Pupa 1,155 90 23.1 1.8

Gregor (moc_fild02 74, 329) 10 30 Peco Peco 12,000 6,000 240 120

Laertes (prt_fild04 356, 148) 15 45 Creamy 8,850 3,375 177 67.5

Nutters (mjolnir_01 293, 20) 18 60 Coco 10,800 11,715 216 234.3

Yullo (mjolnir_01 296, 29) 24 60 Caramel 31,275 18,816 625.5 376.32

Private Jeremy (moc_fild11 57, 138) 25 60 Golem 42,000 27,000 840 540

Shone (moc_fild17 208, 346) 25 60 Hode 47,325 3,375 946.5 67.5

Lemly (moc_fild17 66, 273) 30 65 Frilldora 90,000 69,000 1800 1380

Li (pay_fild10 108, 357) 35 70 Dokebi 63,000 54,000 1260 1080

Lella (ayo_fild01 44, 241) 36 65 Leaf Cat 38,610 47,268 772.2 945.36

Cuir (cmd_fild01 362, 256) 45 80 Alligator 258,563 162,375 5171.25 3247.5

Local Villager (ein_fild01 43, 249) 60 74 Demon Pungus 375,399 216,678 7507.98 4333.56

Lilla (um_fild01 35, 281) 60 85 Dryad 352,283 190,358 7045.65 3807.15

Vegetable Farmer (ein_fild06 82, 171) 70 85 Goat 387,734 232,733 7754.67 4654.65

Dragon Hunter (lou_dun02 161, 264) 50 90 Zhu Po Long 226,950  ? 4,539  ?

Mantis Researcher (lou_fild01 240, 354) 35 70 Mantis 28,227  ? 565  ?

Deadman (nif_fild01 332, 327) 60 90 Disguise 210,900 143,700 4,218 2,874

Deadman (nif_fild01 332, 327) 75 98 Loli Ruri 498,000  ? 9,960  ?

Homunculus S Quest map added in nwRO

As Episode 14.3 has a new additons for all those Alchemists n Genetics
the Homunculus S.

to transmute your Homunculus the user needs to complete a quest will give quest detail as i get it the map where its done is here

Strange House

Homunculus S quest map