Saturday, June 19, 2010

Theif leveling Guide

Thief are one of the best classes to level up and there advance classes are also very powerful in pvp and woe both.

as a thief your power will be your speed so concentrate on agi more

the starting stats for this class will be
9 str
9 agi
9 dex

we will get a fair str to 40-50 as we go ahead and 40-60 dex as you choose and rest all points will be in agi.

leveling we will start with the novice grounds here get job 10 of novice and this will be very easy for you as a thief

then go the the thief guild and change to thief click here.

after you become a thief go to the poring heaven or payon dungen here level up till level 30 and keep pumping agi till u are dogeing the oponnents all attacks.

after you are done with base level 30 head to wolf map 2nd map down of payon.

for skills be sure u get double attack and increse dodge to level 10 first.

in wolf map level up till level 50-60 the exp will be great and drops are also good.

after you cross 55 try to hunt in toy factory level 2 with agi of like 60 all will miss you mostly.

kill those crusiers and myst case here they are great at exp and awesome at zeny also the piece of cake will be good at healing and are good to overcharge also.

by the time you reach 60 you will be 40+ at job level and then its your choice when to change your job to higher job but i will recommend to go for job 50 and then change your job to higher job.

form here 2 options are availabe for you click on them too read furthur



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