Friday, June 4, 2010

Shura leveling

Shura have the best place to level in lightzlaen dungeon or the biolab 3 the monsters here except Lord knight will die in 1 asura and each monster gives 5-6% even at lvl 115

again this will only be helpful if you have warper to the dungeon..
do take lots of flywings.
equips will be same which you use for pvp asura build

get str in multiple of 10 with bonus and have a gypsy with service for you skill for extra help.
good cast will be the biggest requirement here as they will kill you in secs asura and tp using flywings or even if u die while u kill the monster you still get 5% exp and always use @autoloot in this place drops can be good especially the sinx good chances of getting edp and specialty jur here.

keep away from the high wizard its ghost type so asura will miss on it.

other haven't tried much of the shura skills will test them and soon post more places as i get them.


  1. we can kill lhz LK in 1 asura with proper weapon... except the MVPs and mini clones of mvps and HW cant be killed in 1 asura... for killing the LK just shift the double bloody boned chain we can kill all the monsters except LK.. so hunt for vodan cards.... LK is fire property.... vodon card wil help u in killing LK in 1 asura.....

  2. better take storuf carded waepon and bloddy weapon then you can kill all except hw and bosses in 1 asura

  3. need to try storuf card not yet hunted that card....