Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rouge/Stalker leveling guide

Rogue/Stalker are the best to make zeny they have high flee and do decent damage with daggers cause of double attack and best thing is autosteal when using melle dagger attacks.

For Rogue job quest click here.

if you are lucky enough u can steal rare stuff and get rich a little faster then other classes.

leveling we will be near to level 60 when we change to rouge from a thief

the best and least dangerous spot for leveling will be in toy factory 2 just watch out for stormy knight he will freeze you to death he always confused me which type he is his looks give it look like water type monster but he is actuly wind property monster.

leveling in toy factory will get you good exp also and good zeny also.level here till level 65-70.

or you can try to go in payon dungen munak and shoee are good exp.

and keep an eye on sleketon archers they drop apple of archer one of the best head gear in game so try to get one!

now you have 3 options here either go with dagger build or go with bow and arrow build or try plagrism with magic.

for dagger build you can try to get plagrism and copy kinght skill blowing bash and try to mob in high orcs or kill some where else mobing other skills you can try coping is monk triple attack it passsive and will do good damage.

you can also trying killing in payon dungen shoee map now she give some good items which can be sold like authorative badges. or try to kill mummies good exp and chances to get gloves.

for magic build u can try coping firebolt and go kill few geographers they are also good exp.or if u have a friend to tank you get Storm gust and mob in high orcs or any other map you find good exp.
you can also try copying ninja skills they are also good if you want to use magic attacks.

for bow build you have double strafe and its one of the best skill when using bow as a weapon else you can try to copy Sharp Shooting or copy arrow shower and kill some mob.

as caster your main stats will be int and dex and as a dagger user(meele) or bow main your main stats will be agi and dex and str in case of dagger for damage.

after you are at level 85 now all places will be sucky at exp you can try killing in spinx now kill anibus they are the best exp if you can kill them.

after 85 try to make equips

high flee only for leveling(dagger build)

for armor i will suggest you to get pantie and for garment undershirt this will help a lot if you aim for high flee.

head gear get aoa or ghost badana

weapon- choice your slef

mid head gear - angel / evil wing

shiled - blucker or any u can get if sloted get a card to protect you from the race you are finding

shoe- get any but have one surely

acessory- as a rouge get gloves or ring or broches what ever you can get

just keep one thing in mind str multiple of 10 and dex multiple of 20

use aweak pots and breask pots which even u can use

and after 85 try to venture for new places where you can get some good exp or good equip or good zeny and enjoy.
after 99 for rebith quest click here


  1. "and after 85 try to venture for new places where you can get some good exp or good equip or good zeny and enjoy."
    And you dare call this a guide? ~_~

  2. haha.. what a faggot, completely useless tips. U call this a tip? even a fckng beginner will do the exact same thing. idiot

  3. hahaha thats fucking true! this guide suck. its useless!

  4. I think you atleast did some good for players even if its not the best i really like your effort.And the other 3 guys ..i think they should write if they think they can do better...Cheers