Friday, June 4, 2010

Star gladiator / Taekwon master leveling

Taekwon masters are a very good classes for breaking emprium in war of empirum and for hunting for equips.

for Taekwon job quest refer here

leveling as a Taekwon will be little hard but with normal equips hunting first in poporing and then in wolfs and then in orc dungen and orc ladies will get you job 50 Taekwon in 4-5 hours on a midrate server.

then change your job to Taekwon master

leveling here will be again in orcs after level 70 go to high orcs and level here till 85-90.

now u can try some hard places but do keep all your feels free dont use them here and there unitl you are sure of that.

one of the best place for leveling and leeching is Thor's volcano have your feeling and memorise it as either place of moon or star.

keep the place of moon safe for guild map as you will need it to break emp.

now have all fire proff equips like pasana card ,jack card and pneumonia card.
rest take according to your need have union skill handy here it helps a lot in killing and take lots of white potions too with union you will loose 2% HP per hit on monster so you will need them.
and union has link requirement so have a soul linker ready.

have warm wind skill of Taekwon handy here take water element for Thor's
now go in the Thor's 1 and spot a alone kasa here and go kill it. keep using posts and also have assum from a priest if you can get it will help a lot here.

just see to it that you wont die and it will be fast enough to kill them.

other best place yo can go is odin temple but here 2 case come killing sekkgoids they will be easy and can be soloed but when it come to a handy with Valkyrie a priest is highly suggested to spam safety wall on you and help you out.

with help she will also be in your feet for mercy.

just keep a check on equips and use feel level 3 here and hatred level 3 on Valkyrie to be more fast and have appropriate warm wind.

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