Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taekwon leveling Guide

Taekwon are one of the best tanks in game if you ask me if they are ranked :P
leveling one will be little hard.

First novice grounds are best and take starting stats as
9 str
9 dex
9 agi

pump in to your str to 40 as it will be your main damage dealing factor as Taekwons don't use weapons!

for job quest of taekwon Click here

One of the basic many dont know about taekwon skill is how to use taekwon kick except flying side kick which is direct.

for using any kick first it must be prepared or its stances must be prepared and this happens automaticly for those whom u leave prepare kick skill active.

for eg consider i have axe kick stance on then while hitting any monster my character will automaticly prepare axe kick and then if you use the axekick skill it will be triggered if u use any other kick or skill the stance is cancled so you have to be carefull at which kick is being prepared.For practise first only leave one kick active then as u get use too then use more kicks at a time.

now  a Taekwon first place to level will be payon fild 4 poring heaven whack here some drops and poporings until you are level 40 now is time to start equip hunting also with leveling.

now try killing wolfs in payon field wolfs are one of the best exp you will get and can be easily killed just be carefull of the mobs.
proceed to payon cave 2 and kill all monster here and if have warm wind use it it will be your best damage amplifier. kill till you get a apple of archer form archer skeleton.
after that its time to proceed to toy factory here also kick will help you a lot.

you can try to kill in prontera curvlets hunt male thief bugs

once you are level 55+ go and kill in orc village for orc ladies be careful of orc lord he wont like u killing his ladies :p
hunt here untill u get job 50 or level 65.

if you want to become star gladiator/ Taekwon master then do its quest. or if you want to become soul linker then go for soul linker quest.

if you dont want to change job and want to remain as taekwon then get the skill taekwon mission for sure and do taekwon missions it gives you random monster name and you will have to kill 100 of those monsters and if you get any monster which you dont want to kill then keep using the skill until you get another monsters name but this will work only if you haven't killed any monster till now else it will just show you no of monster you have killed and will never change for you.

after level 65 use warm wind to get water property and go kill in west orc village (ie high orcs)

after high orcs go to spinx 5 kill pasana there and be careful with anibus if you can kill them best for you :)

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