Monday, June 14, 2010

Feather Beret Quest

Feather beret is one of the best equip if you are going to tank in pvp or woe and is a must suggestion in your collection and the best part is its easy to make one!

10% resistance to demi human
1 Def
1 Mdef
Is Refinable

For making a Feather beret items needed are

  • 1 Beret
  • 100 Soft Feather
  • 1 White Dyestuffs
  • and some real life luck!
when you have all these go to Sakjul in Rachel (152,131) he will take all the stuff and give you your Feather beret but only by 90% chances. 10% he may keep the Feather beret made.
Sakjul rachel(152.131)

For hunting these items
Beret go to Rachel dungeon level 4 kill Echio here.

For soft feather there are lot of places like owl dukes in clock tower dungen level 4,Thantos tower floor 5, Thantos tower floor 6.

For White dye stuff try your luck at old purple box and old blue box or better do the dye making quest.

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