Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Signatures for forums

Playing on any server forums are very vital part of the game reading  a servers forums you can tell some what how the server can be and at least for me i love to chat in forums and Bug GMs there for bugs if i get one :p

In every forums you have option of signature can be edited in players control panel or in settings

your signature is attached after every post of yours and it looks very cool :)

so here i will provide you with some of my made signatures hope you like them and i will also post guide on how making signature soon as soon as i get it done perfectly as i am also learning :)

i earlier posted a wallpaper for the GM of new world ro i made it for him don't know if he liked or not if u want to use it here is the psd (photoshop format file) click here to download it .

one of my fav sig i made till now is this one
its of my traper in new world ro :).

if you want its psd click here to download.

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