Friday, June 4, 2010

Arch Bishop leveling

For arch bishop leveling i have tried 2 ways till now and both worked great

1. Turn Undead
2. Magnus Exorcismus.

for using Turn undead you can try abeey level 2 and spinx 4
you will need decent amount of int luck and dex to kill them in one shot with turn undead.

for Magnus Exorcismus build u will need high int and dex.
you can try mobing in abeey any level will depend on if you have help or not but if are in a plan to solo then i will suggest go to abeey level 3 for necromancers.
just Magnus Exorcismus them and Teleport using a flywing they will die in your Magnus Exorcismus evently.

the best equips if you ask me for this build will be
divine cross, spiritual ring, and clip[1] or rosary[1] with a Beelzebub card
this give 30% more damage with Magnus Exorcismus

I prefer this equip set even while leveling as a acolyte as it give 50% more damage form heal skill

For leveling from a acolyte refer this link also


  1. nice one pj it wil be help full....

  2. we can even use the 3-3 class skill named adorous.... that also does more damage with 120 int.....more then half of the help wil be taken but it consumes 1 blue gemstone...

  3. y adorous is good skill and its dec agi also helps when fighting 1-1

  4. during woe times it rockes aganist frenzy lk ....