Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ragnarok Martial Arts Dojo

Special and Latest addition in nwro!!!

Ragnarok Martial Arts Dojo

A long time ago, a legendary Grand Master of the Martial Arts built the first dojo in the World of Ragnarok. It has been handed down from generation to generation. To this day, it is owned by the great, great drandaughter, by the name of Grand Master Shin, of the legendary Master.


Martial Arts Belts


The belts color go by this order: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black.

The belts do NOT have any bonus stats besides defense. You can add them if you'd like.

You are only able to wear one belt at a time. It equips in the left accessory slot.

Each belt has a level cap. The better the belt, the higher level cap it has.

Training Arena

Before getting access to the Training Arena, you will have to complete a small quest given by Grand Master Shin when you reach level 25. When you complete the quest, you will be awarded the White Belt and gain access to the Training Arena.

You can enter the Training Arena by talking to Master Lee.


You can access the Training Arena by 2 ways... 1) Solo or 2) Team (Party) There is no restriction to how many players can be in a team but there has to be more than 2.

Experience points and drops are disabled for abuse reasons.

Upon death, they will instantly be warped out.

Training Points

The Training Arena consists of 32 rounds. Each round will summon 1 Mini-boss or MVP.

The team is given 10 minutes to kill the summoned monster. If they should fail, they will instantly be warped out, and a new party may access it.

Each kill gives +1 Training Point. +1 Training Point will be additionally awarded for every successful 4 rounds.

Belts must be equipped to gain Training Points.


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