Saturday, October 16, 2010

Latest News From KRO (Mounts for All classes Cming up)

Again [GM]Kakashi has done it

I'm really intrigued with some of the screenies from their recent conference. It appears to have new mounts for job classes for upcoming release in December'2010.


Merchent Class - Savage Mount.
Mage Class - Fire Fox Mount.
Ninja Class - Frog Mount.


Archer Class - Ostrich Mount.
Thief Class - Hyena Mount.
Novice - Poring Mount.
Aco Class - Llama Mount.

-Currently the stage is set for them to be Rentable, through Cash, Quests, and Events. *Please note the actual mechanics to obtain them isn't finalized yet.
-Players will be gifted with special boosts.
-Swordsman types will have NEW mounts in the future.

Think this december it will be fun ride with all class.


  1. Yeah they really look like alot of fun I cant wait for them to come out!

  2. Depends on your server

    I have heard Few private servers are already having them

  3. Oh I'll have to check at mine then very awesome pankaj