Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tahadi RO Gone Mad

Quote Originally Posted by GM 7arbi 
We implemented a new security system the block MAC addresses for individuals and regional IPs for the masses if the servers are getting abused, this abuse includes:
* Robots
* Illegal Applications in general

I'm not allowed to disclose more data, but if you and your friends can't connect that means your region have been perma blocked, and there is no way to unblock it.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would take any extreme measures necessary to insure a high quality standard to MENA and North Africa users.

Thank you"

well what can anyone say The server banned full Indian ISP 
only 1 question to them Do they got Indians so much bugging or other people who bot from other countries don't make problem to them.
Any ways its a good bye from me to tahadi ro made few friends n will miss them form my RO life
and to others who are not from middle east and North Africa be careful you can be next to get your country banned cause some of you may be using SO called illegal applications!
I will suggest all those who read this to play in some regional server Tahadi wont be there for other region n m getting a nasty feeling all other then tahadi regional area will get banned!


  1. yeah dude.....dey really went out of deir senses while doing dis.......abhi toh shuruvat thi.....usse hi dar gaye....wht wud hve happened when our chars had reached d late 90's.......dey jus did so to remove deir competition

  2. yup and any time i can say that Indians will be good competition in Ragnarok as most of us are playing from last 7-8 years and tahadi was just a baby start considering the real RO today with KRO at episode 14 or something i don rem clearly but 3rd jobs new world tahadi is only a small boy starting its journey but with tons of bad attitude!

  3. yeah really.......dey act as if theirs is d best server around.....sad dey dint c our INRO or even IRO......dey cant survived on our servers fr sure

  4. OMFG! U, raj and others cannot connect to the server?

  5. I hope raj starts new world again now.. since this is gone. Anyway tahadiRO morons must've got scared and banned us cuz they are still somewhere in episode 7 and us have episode 12 experience.. so v have more experience than those arabs

  6. tahadi morons dont know what it means to be muslim. Look at me i'm muslim and i pray 5 times a day and do the usual muslim stuff but that doesnt mean i go against other.. Those douchebags dont understand that religion is by birth and its not supposed to be a barrier among people.. Stop making this topic a religion war. Its purely an act of cowardice. Those tahadiRO administrators are afraid that we who have experience till episode 12 (some above) might make the other players look small. They don't understand that they can learn from us. When someone gets scared the best way is to disconnect relationships with that someone. Thats exactly what tahadi is don't. Don't say its muslim against others act. I know that many muslims are big doucheheads who have no honour. Marry 50 galz, kill 1000s yet say they will goto heaven coz they pray at the end of the day. Now, all that is BULLCRAP!

  7. Prateek Kharb aka VeggieAugust 10, 2010 at 11:11 PM

    Hey cmon this has got no religion angle....
    they did a mistake.. tahadi is responsible.... thats all.... this isnt good thing which it has done.... i really freakin hope they revert it

  8. swt guys let me make one point clear i m against tahadi administration and how the hell people got Muslims in middle i wont take a word on my friends or their religion!!
    say what ever you want to tahadi admin m with u!

  9. i have deleted the old comment which was of the track plz make comment against wrong dont blame other of some people tasks
    its the same thing tahadi admins doing banning all for a bunch of people who bot(that includes me !)

  10. hahaha i cant stop laughing!!!!!! /heh /heh/heh

    Only a extremist can take such a step like blocking such a huge region like India and losing so many potential players.

    What will happen now to tahadi RO?

    Most arb players are new to Ragnarok and do not even know proper English. So there will be even more imbalance in woe. Most arb players who know how to play the game already stopped participating in woe and pvp due to unbalaces or of getting owned so badly in woe and pvp. That they only pvm some times with friends and it gets boring after a while. Once rest of the arb players learn how to play ro and see how unbalaced server is they ll leave server for sure.

    How euro players play is they buy a lot of item mall items e elus etc. So Tahadi must have seen that most of the income is from them and not form indian players. So they had taken this step. In long run if u keep blocking players like this and make server even more unbalaced player will leave due to boredom cus there will be no one to fight in woe pvp. Hence no reason to buy item mall items too.

    Instead of running a good open gaming server, if you want to run server for short time and make most profit out of players. And then close server soon and ditch rest of players too. Thanks for doing this to us Indians sooner. We are greatful.
    Money made by cheating never lasts.

    P.S. To all indian ro players, A new server started inro and they r gonna start official server too in month or so. They are testing right now as private server. I am joining that.
    Very active GMs
    0 bots scams
    new server,
    0 lagg
    better client
    Let leave these chut servers and start again our OLD INRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. pankaj said: say what ever you want to tahadi admin m with u!

    So if i say _|_ to GM of tahadi does it mean u would give one too?? :D

    @alleria: i played that server.. 70x and is fine. similiar to new world except its at tahadi's episode i thing. Anyway its a fine server and has a nice bunch of indians. Its in-ro.com Its called internationalRO but its not same as iRO. its indian server all right!! I'm thinking of joining it(if the nwRO bunch san,pj,sid join along) coz it always served me well to join a server that has "in" in its name. Even today nwRO is only 3rd in my list. 1st is winRO, 2nd is inRO. Nothing beats the 2!! Sadly both are closed X_X

  12. in-ro.com...??

  13. Prateek Kharb aka VeggieAugust 11, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    well here is the latest frm Tahadi


    Good news, our management is currently discussing and making negotiations to solve this problem in a more controlled manner.
    We will keep you updated of any progress and final decisions.

    Thank you for your patience "
    by GM 7arbi

    an about the inRO server.. i hav been hearin its launch comin for months now bro... if it really launcehs believe me everyone will know

  14. i read that but too be truthful after breaking heart it cannot be repaired back!!!!

  15. @chuts admins: yea its http://www.in-ro.com . The server works fine, i played it. So far only indians in it but i won't join unless the entire new world clan joins it.

    Any updates on new world please inform guyz.. i can't believe new world is closed for this long!

  16. i had a 75 lv knight and these pigs disconnect the server f u c k you!!!!!!!

  17. i use 2 love ro tahadi server why did you'll do this you broke the heart of all your fans in india i hope the server starts working

  18. the server is working back n its like 1-2 month the ban was removed.
    but it hurted my feelings as an Indian so i am never joining back that server!

  19. is the server working now @pankaj??????

  20. for now i don't have any idea cause when they did the ban i deleted the game client also

    but i heard from friends that ban was removed