Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tahadi RO Gone Mad ->"will it be back to normal?"

After a 2 days ban on Indians with 6 other more countries as The GM said now again a post has came from GMs side

Quote Originally Posted by GM 7arbi 

Good news, our management is currently discussing and making negotiations to solve this problem in a more controlled manner.
We will keep you updated of any progress and final decisions.

Thank you for your patience

Now all i ask back is will the negotiation finaly be end of the episode or it will be only a settler for the topic as far as i think the game will get boring for the one playing there as players from 7 Countries are removed in 1 shot and that will make a big difference!!!!
and what i feel this step of reconsideration is only to keep the intreset of the not banned countries in the game as people will evently leave if the game gives no competition or honor in playing it.
lets see what the future hold in there but as the saying goes a broken glass & Heart can never be repaired COMPLETELY!


  1. abey PJ.. mei ragnarok ka story likta hoon par itna drama aur dialogue nahi bolta.. please translate what he is saying.. Does he say "yes we will unban u or nahi, we are scared?"

  2. are bhai emotion likh deta hu.
    and i have no idea if they will unban or not but i know one thing m not gona play that server where GMs are racist.