Saturday, August 14, 2010

New World RO coming back

Hi guys and gals so here is the good news back [GM] Kakashi is bringing back new world RO.

But this time he is asking first how many are realy willing to join if there are enough people he will start back nwro.

and if anyone ask y start if there are enough players?
well i have the answer
he will be paying money from his pocket once again its near about Rs 12,000. to get the server back and as all know nwro has no donation n other stuff its totaly free for players :)

so reply back fast either by commenting here or in nwro orkut community and get back the best server back :)

Edited 16/8/2010 10:30 pm IST :-
In a recent chat with [GM] Kakashi he has informed that he is very happy to see the players response and is working his best to get the server up soon.
if the things work out good then Nwro will be up n running by this Sunday or before it.
And it will be a fresh start this time.

Edited 18/8/2010 7:30PM IST
ok here is short list of those ready for nwro currently. the list i have compiled form comments on my blog,orkut scraps(mine and rajdeep's),facebook comments sorry if i have missed out any names n do notify me i will add it as soon as possible!!!

  1. pankaj
  2. mohsin
  3. Naveen
  4. tejas
  5. mohan
  6. bhavya
  7. Ivar
  8. varun
  9. tina
  10. sanchit
  11. sunny (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  12. rahul (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  13. vinit
  14. sunil
  15. jaat
  16. deepak
  17. jack
  18. omkar(zeiss)
  19. alleria
  20. parshi
  21. sadik
  22. maruthees
  23. ranjith(gogeta)
  24. vinoth
  25. grace
  26. avtar
  27. Dhruv (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  28. richeek (my friends i know they will come with me :))
  29. manphul (he will come but only some time as he is now back to hostel)
  30. baal (Daniel)
  31. badal
  32. aniket
  33. nikhil


  1. i will try nwworld ro

  2. yup its the best server till date for me m happy it will be back soon :)

  3. Will try as long as it is limited to trans only max. And no card quests etc. Balances economy and character equilibrium.


  5. me too cmin guys!!!!d best server!!1

  6. hey guyzz .. i will cm obviously..
    new world rockssss....

  7. hey guys! glad to hear that nwro is gonna come back...only thing is that get rid of 3-3 and balance the server!! due to 3-3 its too mch competition and u can easily beat any fun of party and pls balance it and get it back to champion and sniper! (i think thats 2-2)

    PS - Screw Rahul Richard Kalangi for not keeping contact!

  8. i got message from sanchit and bhavye they are also ready to play
    bhavye has condition only if its till trans

  9. i dont think GM is gonna remove 3-3 but i'm sure it will be balanced like hell!

  10. Guys dont worry about 3-3 class, in this 1 month I am working on balancing 3-3 class and and already 90% balanced, I asure everyone that 3-3 class will be completely balance in nwRO, and no card quest will be there.

    Episode 14.1 already added in nwRO, as Episode 14.2 just added in kRO I am trying my best to add 14.2 in nwRO before opening.

    Thank you all.

    Keep Roking.

  11. inro?
    international ro for india there are mnany server openingng with acronym inro

    and any ways new world ro is the best get it back fast GM Rajdeep i miss it too much now

    after it went down and searching for a good server now i realize it was only the best i got no server like it!

  12. @rajdeep how about adding a trans pvp room also this time and a woe for trans.
    as you can see we are also learning 3rd jobs so it will be interesting to have one pvp with the weapon we already know and other one for the new weapon we get its if permissible for you plz implement it :)

  13. raj.. website title bar change kar yaar.. many changes shud be made there. Players can make nice grapix.. use them.. they will only be happy to see there grapix published and popular. Look @ me.. i would be damn happy if atleast 50 people read my ragnarok story. the ones whu read have said it rocks. Its all about the publicity and awesomeness yaar. Here's a nice title bar i made long long ago

  14. m also trying to make one full website this time i have learned php also now so the website will be dynamic i will try my best it will need time :)

  15. if you have cool graphic and idea's for website looks n all plz tell me i will need a lot of help at being creative :P

  16. Count my head in
    this is the only server i played for mor thn 8 months :p

    gr8 2 see nwRO return :D

  17. Also, forums mei bahut animation hai.. i can't believe that so many people are creative.. check it out! Ragnarok Art section

  18. Hiii Jack hre, im always waiting for NWROto be back.. 1 of da best server ive ever played.. so hope tht nwro get started asap..

  19. Shankara Narayanan posted on a update of mine he is also ready for joining nwro!

  20. Varun and I will be interested if there is a roll back and no third classes.


  21. gr8 i will love to be with my mentor :)

  22. Hell Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! nwRO RULSSSS !!!!!!! It's either nwRO or no other RO at all !!! nwRO #1 !!!

    Maska nahi maar raha hu.. try d server.. its d best :D :D

  23. Shankar which is jaat is in
    Count me in :D
    I am waiting
    Deepak :)

  24. tina posted in Facebook she is also ready to come :)

  25. Guys Get Ready 2 Rok on..!
    our New World Ro is coming back i am very happy 2 hear this....!
    Thanks a lot Rajib and Rajdeep....!

    Keep Roking....!

  26. So whr to get a Link to start nwRO again?

  27. here is your link