I'll be replying from my own knowledge in networking, not representing GMs in any way.

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Look, a regular player bypassed your protection, do you think a professional hacker *zeny sellers* can't ?

it's probably easy as 123 for them.

it's appreciated what you're doing to maintain order and to protect us MENA players, but you're not doing it right :/
If someone is smart enough to use certain services to bypass region blocks then good for them, it's just the very minute any abusers (zenny sellers and others) end up using the same service then that service's IP range will also get blocked :S

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give us the abuses we did.. you say indians bot... Do you have any pinpoint proof that the botter is an indian or a german or an arab?? nope u dont..!!

you are aggressive to zeny sellers and spam bots.. so ban them.. why us??
Of course they won't have proof on the nationality of the person himself, but they do have proofs of from where the person is playing.

It's sad to see it has come to the point of banning regions, but this isn't the first time I see whole regions get blocked from a certain service because of increased abusing coming from that region, yes it's an unfortunate side effect that regular users from the same region get blocked but this is the way I've seen it done in different places.


I noticed there are people who think they're behind some big shield of anonymity that they admitted they use bots, had to ban those from forum. Also talking about bypassing services in detail is kind of sensitive in MENA so I'll have to edit some posts in here.