Wednesday, November 24, 2010

KRO Maintenance(11/24/2010) and Episode Zero-Malangdo Island!

Special Thanks to Rytech and Ai4rei for this update :) With This Maintenance Biggest new is that KRO is now Free to play don't have any idea about whether it will be still only for Koreans.

and gravity also introduced a npc buffer from some time though :P.

and the Idea to implement tombstones for MVPs is great we can know whether a MVP is alive or dead here is the link to picture of tombstone

the new rune knight sprite are here
rune knight

new monster are here

one of the best new addition is that now we can record videos with our Ragnarok client so no need to get another software to record videos.But one problem more with it is now the patcher is changed and i m not able to patch with the old patcher anymoe lets see whats there in future

more on the mounts came out

male spirits
male spritis female spirits
femal spirits to read more about it and get latest updates plz follow it here

here is the detail log of the Maintenance


  1. Gamabunta ftw!!
    And for the "poring" mount, they should at least change the sprite of Mastering to that and make it less obscure as any job at low level can tank it like it's just a simple poring mob..

  2. Wow I don't play this since 3 years ago because I start to work and studying at the same time and I didn't want to waste my time in this, now I want to play again but already gift all my accounts to an unknow person because I didn't wanted to get vicious again haha

  3. heh ya ragnarok sure has changed a lot in last 3 years its now a whole lot of different world.

    anyways games are games real life is to the max priority even m not online for some last 2 weeks having my GATE exam on 13feb.

  4. super like your the best RO more power :)