Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swordsman leveling guide

Hi, i recently joined a official server some 4 years gap

and well as i always start with swordsman on every low rate server here i am with my holyknight in tahadi RO.

basic leveling from novice will be killing drops, porings,lunatic and what ever u can kill to get job 10.

go change to swordsman click here.

leveling swordsman will be same killing porings,drops etc to get 10 skill points.
get level 10 bash and go to payon dungeon level 1 and bash all the monsters present there this place is decent exp and good zeny too get here like some level 25-30.

then get 2 maps down from payon in wolf map there kill wolfs they are best exp and there card is good while leveling too! level here till like level 45-50.

after level 50 try to kill in prt_fild10 savage map gr8 exp or u can try killing in orc dungen or desert wolf map try to be in these map till u job change to knight if u are changing at job 40 else venture little more in goblin maps geffen fild 11 and prontera field 11 kill here till job 50. Be sure to have lots of healing items!


  1. Sandman map is also a nice map. i think till 75 he can level up at sandman map.. i think its moc_fild16

  2. sandman map needs lots of pots and a fire elemental sword or spear is must here!!!!
    if you can arrange these 2 things then sand man will be 2.5times more exp then hodes!